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    9th ruling and the Bay Area?

    Any change in carry policy in the Bay Area? Note: I left the Bay Area for Salem, Oregon almost three years ago. I do dearly miss the Chabot, Richmond and Concord ranges. While I revel in my Oregon "shall issue" CHL and the freedom to choose the firearms I want, I sincerely hope the best for...
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    Being 'made' while carrying

    I've seen frequent conversations about people discovering that a member of one forum or another was carrying concealed. The implication is that this is illegal. I assume that being discovered is illegal as open carry is illegal in the states being discussed. Since Oregon permits open loaded...
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    New to Oregon, living in Salem

    The mix here is very different from California where I know what to expect. What are the firearms ownership and carry attitudes, what are the patterns of attitude? Who faints at the sight of a firearm, who shows interest in gunnies? By city, county or region? I see quite a few posts of...
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    Contra Costa County Sheriff Retiring

    imported post Sheriff Rupf is retiring the end of this year. Does anyone have information on the potential candidates regarding concealed and open carry?
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    Starbucks should say "Yes" to Brady Campaign

    imported post This Facebook discussion is not yet heavily attended, but after the first 5 comments the Brady supporters lost control,
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    Open Carry deters armed robbery

    imported post Best way to communicate this to Peets, CPK, Starbucks, Brady Bunch, et al assuming the information is verified? http://www.thehighroad.us/showthread.php?t=416377 Synopsis: Bad guy casing restaurant sees two open carriers, bad guys in parking lot with rifles and masks wait for OC...
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    Law Enforcement Officer chat videos?

    imported post Another thread made me realize that news videos of BAOC people up against the wall for police stops are all over the place, but any friendly follow up chats are not. Are Officers willing to be caught on video in a way that displays an open, friendly relationship with the open...
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    Guests with LOC on private property?

    imported post I know that property residents can LOC or CCW on their own property, but does this extend to guests as well? Just wondering whether well advertised LOC barbecues on private property would be a worthwhile tool. Bradys and others would not be permitted on the property without...
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    Contra Costa County Sheriff and Open Carry?

    imported post Okay, the Contra Costa County Sheriff's refusal to issue concealed carry permits except to the rich and famous and campaign contributors pushes open carry as the only option for those who wish to carry. Has he commented on the open carry activities? Is he willing to issue CCW...