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    Is there really a demand for this?

    Im no walmart hater i like cheap prices. But is there really a demand for these??? I guess we will be seeing these around now!
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    Permit renewal confusion

    So i goofed and let my permit expire. I generally open carry but like to have a permit "just in case" and i sometimes prefer to pocket carry a jframe depending on what im wearing/doing a duty belt and holster sometimes dosnt work !!! Anyway here are details My fairfax county issued permit...
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    Loudoun firearms discharge... Again?

    So im considering 3acres in loudoun county. I would really like to be able to shoot; even just 22lr but i cannot figure out the ordinances. Loudoun 684 684.06 Discharge of Firearms a. (1) The Board of Supervisors prohibits the discharge of firearms, except for certain hunting activities...
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    Feds still desecrating balls bluff cemetery

    For those who havent seen the disrepectful sign looming over the graves. As good of pics as i could get didnt want to go on the fed property as i was OC. Backstory for those who havent heard is some moron beurocrat decided all veteran affairs property had to be posted even A 500sqft...
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    Out of date/preempted Loudoun County/Town of Leesburg Code?

    http://www.loudoun.gov/Default.aspx?tabid=1352 1092.20 Carrying or Discharging Weapons. The carrying or discharging, in any park or community center, of any firearm, air gun, gas gun, spring-operated gun, BB gun, slingshot, dart device or bow and arrow is prohibited, except as specifically...
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    Two questions about Loudoun County

    First i havent been on here but have been open carrying ;) Ok was working (company will not let me carry). And was at cluade moore park. I noticed in the rec center a "guns free criminal welcome" zone sign. This building is shared with a pre-k does that put them under the school exemption? Or...
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    Suspension of gun rights?

    Under what cirumstances can the government suspend our oc/cc/possesion rights? If there was a katrina type situation in virginia and curfews and evacs where initiated? Any other situations?
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    A bit ot need some direction

    First off i plan to oc in wv so this is somewhat relevant I have been saving for a house and realized that i would be happier continueing to sublet and put the house money towards acrege in wv im lookinh for a good resource/forum to answer some questions an am having trouble findinh relrvant...
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    Whole foods?

    I searched around and it seems they Are anti but the store is not posted. Since they serve alchohol I assume o.c only until the new law passes. Anyone have any experience there?
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    Virginia beach--beach

    imported post oc on the sandy beach ok? Don't really want to leave it in my car to get stolen
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    Oc and the AT

    imported post Hey guys I'm a va resident and have started OC about 24/7 outside of work. I like going on the trail between harpers ferry and rt7 I usually park at rt9 but would like to park at other acesses once I get bored wv law seems MUCH more confusing than ours. So I'll make my ...
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    Balls bluff in Leesburg

    imported post Balls bluff battlefield And open carry I believe the park is nvrpa or state but the cemtary is a nat'l historic landmark. The cemetary has a huge no firearms sign citing us code xxx. Is the still in effect or has the nat'l park ruling also applied to nat'l landmarks. It is...
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    use of force ??

    imported post ok ive been reading through the forum/case history links for the past for days and have a couple questions. ive been carrying for ~5 years now and have not even come close to even think about drawing thank god. however thinking back i can recall one incident in which i would...