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    Would you consider holding an open carry in your area in solidarity.....

    Would you consider holding an open carry vigil in your area in solidarity with one that may be held in Aurora CO? I am proposing you hold a local open carry vigil complete with video, stills, and a press release. I think pointing out the insanity of government disarming people so that they...
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    Interest in open carry demonstration in Springfield MO?

    I am proposing an open carry vigil here in Springfield complete with video, stills, and a press release. I think pointing out the insanity of government disarming people so that they can be slaughtered is the most honorable thing that could be done for the families and victims. A board...
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    Open carry demonstration in Aurora?

    Gun rights are about to go over the cliff.... It would seem to me that an open carry demonstration is sorely needed in Aurora. What better action to take, in the name of the dead created by government. (In more than one way) The coverage from the alternative press could be huge.
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    Transportation of firarms on a motorcycle

    I know this is not strictly OC but I am getting a bike again and will be needing to transport my rifle and handgun to Appleseed shoots. Does anyone know the MO law on this one? Thanks Joe
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    Is there any type of legal defense fund?

    Home schoolers have it: http://www.hslda.org/ Farmers that sell raw milk have it: http://www.farmtoconsumer.org/ Can anyone tell me if there is any type of legal defense fund/insurance to institute civil legal actions and criminal defense against those that are harassed by LEO when open...
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    Open carry Indemnification / Insurance for Missouri?

    Open carry Indemnification / Insurance for Missouri? As you may know with the cost of legal representation that if the authorities want to hassle you open carrying that it can be cost prohibitive for many of us to defend against any charge that they want to drum up. Many times our only option...
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    Educating the Public about Patriots

    imported post The general public has a very skewed view of Patriots, caused by the misinformation the controlled media spews out. The dumbing down that occurs in government schools etc. Recently I had to respond to this post in another forum: Originally Posted by Snowdancer...
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    Finland has the world's third-highest gun ownership per capita, following the United States & Ye

    imported post http://www.boston.com/news/world/europe/articles/2007/11/10/finland_to_toughen_gun_policies_after_fatal_shooting_at_school/ Finland to toughen gun policies after fatal shooting at school HELSINKI - Finland said yesterday that it would tighten gun policies after an 18-year-old...