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  1. rscottie

    Open Carrying on Postal Property

    So what does this mean for the average citizen? Should we still understand that we will likely be arrested for carrying in to a Post Office, if caught? Will we have to fight them all the way to the Supreme Court?
  2. rscottie

    Can they do this legally? Ashland Concert at Riverfront Park Prohibiting Firearms

    It would seem to me that they cannot ban firearms in the riverfront park simply because they have allowed a concert to be held there.
  3. rscottie

    Can they do this legally? Ashland Concert at Riverfront Park Prohibiting Firearms

    I understand what you are saying. What I am wondering is what law allows the city to abrogate our rights to the highest bidder? I was not aware my rights were for sale. This is a public park, paid for by taxes. It is not a building built and paid for by a private business. I have looked...
  4. rscottie

    Can they do this legally? Ashland Concert at Riverfront Park Prohibiting Firearms

    I must be missing the regulation that gives them the authority to prohibit firearms.
  5. rscottie

    Can they do this legally? Ashland Concert at Riverfront Park Prohibiting Firearms

    They are taking over a park on the river in Ashland Kentucky for a Willie Nelson Concert. The website to purchase tickets says that "Weapons and Firearms are Not Permitted." Can they block lawful carry in a public park when it is blocked off for a public event? Here is a link to the ticket...
  6. rscottie

    Kentucky: Committee to Consider Firearm Seizures Without Due Process

    I don't think this has a chance of going anywhere, but, it is also a good thing to let them know that we are watching them closely. Sort of like how cockroaches scatter when you shine light on them, they will do the same thing.
  7. rscottie

    Kentucky: Committee to Consider Firearm Seizures Without Due Process

    We must let them know how we feel about this. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20191115/kentucky-committee-to-consider-firearm-seizures-without-due-process
  8. rscottie

    84-Year Old Korean War and Police Veteran, School Crossing Guard Has Guns Confiscated Under ‘Red Flag Law’

    So he got his job back but they have not allowed him to have his gun license or guns back?
  9. rscottie

    Preferred 9mm conceal carry?

    I really like my Sarsilmaz (SAR) B6c 9mm. It is a clone of the CZ75 that holds 13 rounds. It is the most accurate 9 mm I have ever shot.
  10. rscottie

    Question about OC in Virginia by an out of stater

    I just read an article, linked below, that had a comment that OC is not allowed in some towns due to local restrictions. Is this true? From the comments section: Here is the link to the article where I got the comment above...
  11. rscottie

    Moms Demand Supporters Hope For More Executions Of Open Carriers

    Speechless, just speechless. :banghead: http://bearingarms.com/moms-demand-supporters-hope-executions-open-carriers/ Be Careful out there.
  12. rscottie

    Question about PA Laws

    I am trying to find the answer to a question concerning PA. Quite simply, I was told that if someone broke in to your vehicle and stole your firearm that was secured in your vehicle, you would lose your LCTF. I cannot find anything in PA law that says you are legally responsible for the...
  13. rscottie

    Happy to see 3 Open Carriers at Poage Landing Days

    I was happy to see three people openly carrying at Poage Landing Days in Ashland KY over the weekend. I wondered if they were on here. I unfortunately had to CC as I was on the clock all weekend working the festival. I am glad to be seeing more and more Open Carriers,
  14. rscottie

    Gun ban in Illinois approved by lame duck congress?

    Does this have a chance of being signed? http://www.sj-r.com/thedome/x1665856929/Illinois-Senate-committee-approves-bans-on-guns-clips...
  15. rscottie

    No Firearms Sign at Grayson Lake

    I went to a Family Reunion this weekend at Grayson Lake State Park. This "No Firearms" greeted me on the backside of the dam. There is another one just like it as you turn in to the Marina. Am I correct that these are not lawful?
  16. rscottie

    Coming to Florida for Visit and have a question or two.

    We are taking a family vacation to Florida soon and I had a question. For starters, I have a KY CCDW License that is recognized by Florida. I have heard stories about people getting in to big trouble just for having their firearm "Print". Are these stories true and it is illegal to...
  17. rscottie

    Serial slaughter: Bear kills 70 sheep in Montana (Warning: graphic photographs)

    http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/06/28/bear-slaughters-70-sheep-captured-with-cub-and-relocated/?intcmp=obnetwork I read the story linked above about the serial killer bear in Montana and a quote in it stood out. "The problem is, once they discover how easy it is to kill sheep in...
  18. rscottie

    Media Hype, Colorado Shooting at theater, 100 Rd Drum looks like 30 round mag

    I keep hearing about this shooting and they are talking about a 100 round drum magazine on his AR15. Numerous articles have talked about how if it had not jammed up, many more would be dead. On Foxnews, quoting the latest police statements, they mention the 100 round drum, how it jammed and he...
  19. rscottie

    U.S. family jailed for Holder's gun crimes

    I was going to say that this is beyond belief but then again it is a DOJ ran by this administration. http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/family-jailed-for-holders-gun-crimes/ If they can do this to a law abiding family they can do it to anyone.
  20. rscottie

    Carrying a concealed gun provides little more than an illusion of safety...

    I think the screed linked below is actually a call to OC! Doubt the writer intended it that way. http://special.registerguard.com/web/opinion/28152397-47/concealed-handgun-safe-county-lane.html.csp As Bug's Bunny always said, "What a maroon...".