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  1. 1000ydshooter

    Shipping Ammo to Mass?

    I work for a small FFL in Virginia. We sold some ammo to a buyer in Mass,on a auction site. We have never run into this problem before. Is it legal to ship ammo to your state? We have noticed that alot of the larger companies will not do so. We would like to settle this before shipping. I have...
  2. 1000ydshooter

    Visiting Oc'er from Va

    HI All, Ill be visiting the charlotte are this weekend. just wanted to know how the area was for Oc and carrying in general.I have a Va cc permit i can utilize if need be. just wanted to know if there have been any problems in that area. Any info would be well appreciated.
  3. 1000ydshooter

    OCing at the Meadow event park?

    Im going to the Richmond Highland Games and Celtic festival this weekend.Looked at the website for the medows and couldnt find anything about the carry of firearms.Anyone have any info on carrying there or where i could find it.
  4. 1000ydshooter

    Vistiting OC'er from Va

    Hello everyone. Im a fellow Oc'er From Va. im out here in Wyoming till late Sept/ early Oct.I was just checking in to see if there was anyone from the Cody area who might be interested in having an Oc get together sometime. Ive been here a month but have only got to Cody a couple of times...
  5. 1000ydshooter

    Man killed in police raid!!

    Story in local paper this morning. http://www.dailypress.com/news/hampton/dp-nws-hampton-police-shooting-folo-20110620,0,4280586.story When will the maddness end? :banghead:
  6. 1000ydshooter

    Good reason to be armed at home

    Havent seen this posted yet. Seems like a perfect example why you should be armed at home. http://hamptonroads.com/2011/05/police-beach-man-shot-dead-was-invading-home
  7. 1000ydshooter

    AZ gun laws

    I know this is off topic, but i figured this would be easiest way to find out what i need. Im overseas on a government contract, my legal home is in VA. i work with a gentleman from Az who has a longgun im interested in buying. What are the AZ laws reguarding prive sales? In Va 2 people can buy...
  8. 1000ydshooter

    Carry in Shoshone National Forest.

    I will be visiting Wy this summer from Va. I did some looking but couldnt find what i was looking for on carry Oc or CC in Shoshone National Forest. Any one got any info on this so i dont get myself in a twist. Thanks!!
  9. 1000ydshooter

    Opening Gun Shop

    After 20 years as a fire fighter im getting out of the game. For the past few years ive been working on a plan to open a gun shop in the area I live.been saving money from the contracts in iraq i did and getting things in order. My wife and i have decided when i get home in May from this...
  10. 1000ydshooter

    This is how the rest of us get a bad name

    http://vagazette.com/articles/2010/10/06/news/doc4cab9c3e902c3399838115.txt Stupid people make it hard for the rest of us. Notice how they were quick to point out she was open carrying and she also had just gotten a concealed carry permit. Would they have done that if she didnt have one?
  11. 1000ydshooter

    Fred's Restraunt----- Franklin VA

    I know most of you arent from the area of Franklin (western tidewater). But if you ever are avoid Fred's restraunt. He is quoted in the tidewater news that guns in general are not welcome in his place. He also refers to gun owners as "bozos". I had been a longtime customer of his place,and even...
  12. 1000ydshooter

    Going to the peoples Republic of Maryland for the weekend.

    imported post Just looking for a little info here. wife and i are headed out to the western part (Sharpsburg) of Md for our 15th anniversy this weekend. Anyone have any idea how MD is as far as Oc id concerned,Or do they honor VA's CC permit. Dont want any trouble that far away from home,but...
  13. 1000ydshooter

    Denied my CHP

    imported post Today i found out i denied my chp application here in isle of wight county.I have been a resident in the county for 39yrs,minor criminal record (A couple bounced checks about 10yrs ago,and 3 speeding tickets.) what i want to know is what can i do to protest this.i have requested a...
  14. 1000ydshooter

    Downloadble targets

    imported post Anyone know of any websites where i can find some downloadable/printable targets i can use when i take my kids shooting tomarrow?Looking for something little more fun than reg bullseye targets.got abunch of water filled soda bottles,and some homemade ballistics gel.
  15. 1000ydshooter

    Looking for Holster for BFR

    imported post Dose anyone have a good lead on where i can locate a nice leather holster for a BFR in 480 ruger with 7.5 inch barrel? On line or good store in tidewater, virginia area.
  16. 1000ydshooter

    Shoot out at Windsor school of dance

    imported post Just goes to show that even the contry isnt safe anymore.Notice how all the suspects except 1 were teens.Wonder where they got their guns. http://tidewaternews.com/news/2008/dec/11/town-admonishes-dance-studio-after-shooting/
  17. 1000ydshooter

    .45+p ammo

    imported post I just purchased a SA 1911 loaded champion model.Fired standard ammo with no problem.My question is will it handle +P ammo safely.
  18. 1000ydshooter

    Obama coming to Newport News

    imported post Obama is coming to Newport News sat.He will be speaking at Victory Landing park. Anyone up for a grou[ trip?According to the Daily press Here is what not to bring to the rally What not to bring: For security reasons, do not bring bags and please limit personal items. No lawn...
  19. 1000ydshooter

    Marine Denied CMH

    imported post WTF!!! This just inst right !!!!!!http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080918/ap_on_re_us/death_by_grenade Rest in peace Brother
  20. 1000ydshooter

    Sept od dinner.

    imported post Im taking suggestions for a Oc dinner in the tidewater area.I live way out in the sticks not alot to chose from out here (what is out here is all good though). I leave for Iraq mid Sept to work as a contractor.This will be my last chance to come for a dinner for the next year.