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  1. John Pierce

    No Janitor Around Here

    As we discussed on the phone today, I was NOT aware of the issue. Between my law practice and the crap-storm we have been fighting here in Virginia, I have been remiss in my moderation duties. The other moderators we have also are active in Virginia's fight and the issue spiraled until I was...
  2. John Pierce

    John, please appoint a moderator.

    Ok. Here is where we are: 1) When Eye95 approached me about lifting his ban, he said he would try to get along. He clearly continues to stir the pot and I have reinstated his ban; 2) Solus ... you have not been banned but I have received no less than a dozen complaints from other members...
  3. John Pierce

    New Zealand Shooting

    Let's ALL stop pushing each others buttons and debate civilly.
  4. John Pierce

    OK, this threat to the 4A is getting dangerous.

    What are you talking about? Nothing in what he said questioned the member's veracity. He just talked about what it takes to have standing to sue.
  5. John Pierce

    The forum is now running on XenForo

    Lol. Since I am the only admin, I would know if I had shadow-banned anyone. What do you mean the 'busy icon'?
  6. John Pierce

    The forum is now running on XenForo

    I am not sure what that could be. I haven't installed many plugins and have tried to use baseline functionality whenever possible.
  7. John Pierce

    The forum is now running on XenForo

    Did the refresh from the weekend correct that issue?
  8. John Pierce

    The forum is now running on XenForo

    I'll take the system down for maintenance this weekend and refresh Xenforo and see if that helps.
  9. John Pierce

    Custom AR-15 for Youth Shooting Sports Raffle

    Ummm ... NO ... but I did say someone could announce a raffle. It is up to them to make sure that the raffle is conducted in accordance with all applicable laws.
  10. John Pierce

    Selecting a Gun Safe!

    Can't we all just get along? Let's not go out of our way to poke at other members.
  11. John Pierce

    'No excuses,' Jefferson County sheriff says after deputy smears homeowner's surveillance camera with mud

    That is 100% correct. All cops are NOT bad. In fact MOST are not bad. They are a lot like gun owners in that regard. We can discuss the issue and the specific bad acts of the officer involved but it is against the forum rules to bash law enforcement as a whole because of the actions of a few.
  12. John Pierce

    TX caves to pressure from NY!

    Humorous firearms related memes are welcome here. If any artist or creator sends a takedown notice, I will respond immediately.
  13. John Pierce

    TX caves to pressure from NY!

    Are you kidding with Eye95? This is clearly a joke meme and not a serious post. No attribution is necessary for a humorous posting. If I missing the sarcasm then let me know. John
  14. John Pierce

    Green card holders and firearms

    I didn't say to agree with others. Just be civil in disagreement. :)
  15. John Pierce

    Green card holders and firearms

    I make it a point to allow any user to request personally identifying information (especially very specific example of such) to be redacted if they want it to be. Even if they post it themselves. Let's all try and be civil, even to users you don't agree with.
  16. John Pierce

    Custom AR-15 for Youth Shooting Sports Raffle

    That rule is focused on the issues surrounding long gun open carry. But we don't ban mere discussion of rifle events, etc, which many of us engage in and enjoy. Thanks for supporting youth shooting!
  17. John Pierce

    Green card holders and firearms

    “May I purchase a firearm if I have a green card?” Some version of this question shows up in my email almost every week. It is hardly surprising since there is a great deal of confusion concerning green card holders and firearms. Those who reach out to me are roughly divided into two groups...
  18. John Pierce

    Can those with a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction own muzzle loaders?

    This question involves the intersection of two complex areas of firearms law: The federal prohibition triggered by a misdemeanor conviction of a crime of domestic violence; and Whether black powder firearms are considered ‘firearms’ under state and federal law. I fully answer the question on...
  19. John Pierce

    The forum is now running on XenForo

    How long was the post? Also, if you get that again can you post a screenshot? It would help me debug it. Thanks.