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    4 Year Anniversary on Saturday.....

    Well it will be 4 years since I was stopped in the City of Englewood's park and threatened with arrest for Disorderly Conduct and Inducing Panic. We are stilling fighting the cities action and may get to trial by next year... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY....!!!! Oh..BTW... the Englewood Arts & Craft...
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    Great Song..

    imported post My wife sent this to me.. I think most will like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=x2G3wGVAnlQ
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    Road Side Rests that are still posted.

    imported post Everyone start checking the Road Side Rests in your area, most are probably still posted Go to the bullentin board.. check the rest side rules... it's there No weapons.. Saw it at the 72 miles marker on 70 coming back from the 2nd Amendent March.
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    City of Englewood Update

    imported post Update on my Englewood suit... It's on hold again. The City is HOPING.. the Ohio Supreme Court will side with the 8th District and say that 9.68 is not constitutional. So much for swift justice.. Next meeting for my lawyer is middle of March.
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    Assistants Needed..

    imported post Most of you know I have been fighting an ongoing legal battle against the City of Englewood, Ohio since August of 2007. I actually filed a civil rights law suit against them in March of 2009. This all evolved around my right to Open Carry my firearm in the city park. I have...
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    How to answer to answer the question

    imported post On more then one occasion I have been asked , " Do you really think you need the gun here?" I have thought on how to answer it, I have come up with this response, Do I think it need it, probably not. Do I hope I need it, NO... Am I prepared if I do need it....YES. Food for...
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    Open Carry Ohio

    imported post Open Carry Ohio has been trying to get things going again.We are starting to get a core of people together and have been working on a flyer and looking at a few events we might be able to participate in over the next few months. We need more people to keep this going. I know the...
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    imported post I had the NRA-News, Executive Producer call me the other day. They wanted to interview me on their radio broadcast. This was about my civil law suit against the City of Englewood for their unlawful detention in the city park in 2007 I had to respectfully decline at this at this...
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    Open Carry Ohio

    imported post We are going to try again to get this group going. I tried a little over a year ago and the response was less then productive. I think with this new threat we need to get out there and educate the public on our rights. So OPEN CARRY OHIO will meet on the 2nd Thursday of each...
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    imported post !!! *****... IMPORTANT... *****!!! I pass by Centennial Park on my way home from work every evening. Last night I noticed they have this portable sign sitting out by the entrance to the park. It said that the Englewood Little League is hosting the “Senior Little League...
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    The Wild Wild West

    imported post We have all heard this term so many times, most of us want to puke. BUT.... We folks here in Ohio can relate to the Wild Wild West as being out there on the West.... Now what do you guys OUT WEST, refer to.... THE WILD WILD EAST... lol... When people make that reference, I...
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    Funny OC encounter last night.

    imported post Well I stopped into the Speedway store last night to get a bottle of water and use the restroom. I was on my way to pick up my son from workand it wasabout 10:45pm. There is no one in the store except for the young female clerk and myself. I get my water and go up to the register...
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    Open Carry of a Snake

    imported post Okay you guys think we got it bad.... check this guy out...:what: Walking With Snake Lands Man in Jail MASTIC, N.Y. — A man was arrested Tuesday for walking on a highway with a 14-foot python wrapped around his body, police said. Police in Long Island's Suffolk County say...
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    Criminal Protection Zones Article

    imported post If you go to http://www.foxnews.com/you can actually read an article written by John Lott on these zones and how the latest shooting in Omaha was a CPZ. I cant believe my eyes.. it's right there on the front page, right under the article about the shooting.
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    Victory in Englewood

    imported post Well we won in Englewood... The City of Englewood, Ohio has revised their local city park law to allow law abiding citizens to carry in the park. This was after over two months of arguring with them, and threating legal action. On October 23rd they revised the law, but of course...
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    Does OC Deter Crime, Not sure but I think it did yesterday

    imported post I went to Wal-Mart yesterday in Englewood, Ohio. I was OC'ing as usual. I had finished my shopping and was approaching the cashier's. There was 3 cashier's stand out at the end of their aisle waiting for customer's. As I approached them the one cashier closest to me said to the...
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    Freedom of Information Act Documents

    imported post Does anyone have a good outline or pre set-up form for requesting information under the FOIA. I was detained today for about 20 to 30 minutes while I was opening carrying in the city park while a Arts & Crafts Festival was going on. I was informed that I could either remove the...
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    People who bear arms.

    imported post There is a really neat video slide show with audio on MSNBC.com about people who bear arms. Sorry couldn't get the link to post for some reason...
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    "Yes Sir, No Sir, Have a good day Sir.....

    imported post Well here's a question to you all.... Since I have been OC'ing about 95% of the time now... I was wondering, have any of you noticed that the people who do speak to you have gotten a bit more polite... <G>.... I seem to notice alot more "Yes Sir" " No Sir" lately. Even some of...
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    1st Encounter with a LEO while OC'ing

    imported post Well had my first encounter with a LEO last evening while OC’ing at my son’s work. A little background so you understand what happened. My son is 25 and unfortunately started having seizures this last February so he cannot drive for at least 6 months until they figure out what’s...