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    14 Dead after gunman pepper sprays theater then opens fire into the crowd.

    Always be on the defensive, and be aware of your surroundings. This guy was ready for war. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims. http://www.cnn.com/2012/07/20/us/colorado-theater-shooting/index.html
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    Firearms Malpractice Form

    Posted this so I could refer people from the WCI Facebook page. Wish Facebook allowed file hosting.
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    Can a hotel post?

    I would just look it up, bit I'm reduced to my Android phone at the moment. I was going to stay at the holiday inn in Sausage, but the door was posted. Since they rent rooms, don't they fall under the ruling of a landlord can not post a property when they rent space within? Any help given is...
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    Milwaukee area gunsmith

    As the title states, looking for a reputable gunsmith in the Milwaukee area. My one guy closed up shop and my "new" guy retired. Where does everyone take their weapons too? At the moment I'm trying to get a newly acquired .300 rifle looked at before I take it out, but seems like I can't...
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    if you are open carrying

    Going to take a moment to play the devil's advocate.......... When are you OC vs. CC? When you're in your vehicle, you're OC. But when you're vehicle is parked in a parking lot outside of a coffee shop, you're CC (we all know the case I'm referring to). If I'm in Wal-Mart OCing, and...
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    Cop discharging weapon at Southridge WILL be charged

    http://www.jsonline.com/news/milwaukee/police-sergeant-charged-after-gun-goes-off-at-southridge-i83ca0c-135265738.html Now, what pisses me off the most in this article is Flynn's statement: "I am disappointed the District Attorney has decided to use the overburdened criminal justice system to...
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    What Caliber Do You Carry? And Why? Terminal Ballistics As Viewed In A Morgue!

    Depends on what/where I'm going. I carry the 9mm XDM 3.8 for concealment/cold weather since I work outdoors. For "dress" conditions, stainless Springfield 1911. When heading into heavily populated "shady" areas, I pack the big boy: My trunk looks a lot like this........
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    Sherman Perk OC Omelette Breakfast 12-17?

    As the title says, who is up for a breakfast meet/greet in Milwaukee? As MKEGal has posted in the past, the owner is pro-2A (No concealed bazookas, grenade launchers, or flame throwers) Thinking a 10 am breakfast meeting before the holidays would be a great idea. Would anyone be interested...
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    Being hassled by Milwaukee PD right now

    It's all good. I've done that a few times myself. It means your human. :lol:
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    Milwaukee area reloader?

    Anyone in the Milwaukee area reload their own ammo? Looking for someone who has the equipment. I can't really afford the equipment to do it myself (just bought a home, so I can't afford the reloading equipment) If anyone reloads 9mm or .45, I'd like to talk to you about making an arrangement...
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    Started a "bail out" fund for donations.

    As everyone in the WI forums are aware, one of our members was recently arrested. People are asking for a hat to be passed. I decided to set up the hat. Raising money (initially for MKEgal) for bailing out people who are stuck. When the pot hits the bail out, I'll go down and bail her...
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    Germantown Gander Mountain is now Gun World

    Just left there, and "wow" doesn't begin to cover it. They took out pretty much everything but the guns, and now have 6500 models of handguns in stock. Quadrupled the rifle and shotgun line up too. Definitely stop in if you are in the area. They are giving Cabelas a run for there money...
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    Picture required to submit for application?

    Was reading through the PDF at the DOJ website, and noticed that on Page 23 it talks about requiring a photo that fits the requirements of the application form. Anyone know what those requirements will be? Would be nice to have that taken care of tomorrow so I can submit on Tuesday
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    Defense free zone stickers - first round

    Got the first round printed up. Bought a pack of 60 Avery Shipping labels from Wal-Mart for $3.88 (and yes, was OC'ing while purchasing). Can't attach the template (file size limitation), so PM me if you want me to email you the file
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    Had my mind made up, and now I'm all undecided again.....

    Headed in to my gun shop yesterday with my heart set on the XDM 5.25 While I was in there, I saw a Sig Sauer 1911 that caught my eye. To make matters worse, it was sitting next to a Kimber Custom CDP II. I want all three now (obviously) but I can only get one. I enjoy my XDMs I have a...
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    Saw a scam posted on Armslist

    Apparently there's a scam going on Armslist. Couple will lure you to there place, then snatch your guns on you. Don't know if it's a real scam notice or not, but as always be aware of your surroundings...
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    Breakfast at the Pancake House 9-17-11.

    hehehe I'll wear my Female Body Inspector shirt. I was in the same boat at Starbucks, so it should be fun. Joking, of course. I'll actually be dressed up since I have a business lunch in Brookfield, so I'm sure I'll pull a few interesting looks at breakfast. Looking forward to it!
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    An amazing sight on US 10 between Fremont and Stevens Point

    I travel for work, and the family has a cottage up in Tomahawk, WI. Was heading up to the cottage a few weeks ago, and saw a large shape in the road. I moved over to the left lane, thinking it was debris. As I got closer (about 75 to 100 yards away), the shape grew several times larger in...
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    Thinking about picking up a Springfield?

    Just saw this this evening. Buy a Springfield XD or XDM between September 1st and November 30th, and on top of the XD/XDM gear kit that comes with it you can send in the rebate for 3 more magazines and another dual mag holder. Another $150 worth of free goodies...
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    Open Carry AND Concealed Carry Simultaneously? I.E. Backup Gun??

    Dual XDM 3.8's. Worried about carrying two different types of magazines, and don't want to confuse them. Just easier to carry the identical weapon. Now, if I could pull this off, I totally would. This might be a little more subtle though......