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  1. eastmeyers

    02 November 2011 - The Pit Shoot

    Sitting here at the Westland Picnic, and "The Colective" has decieded to have an OCDO(MI)/MOC shoot out at The Pit! So let's all meet up their on Wednesday, 02 November 2011, between 10:00am to 3:00pm. This isn't anything official, just time for us to hang out, show off our "toys", and...
  2. eastmeyers

    OCDO - MI The Pit Shoot! Get The Day Off NOW!!!

    Sitting here at the Westland Picnic, and "The Colective" has decieded to have an OCDO(MI)/MOC shoot out at The Pit! So let's all meet up their on Wednesday, 02 November 2011, between 10:00am to 3:00pm. This isn't anything official, just time for us to hang out, show off our "toys", and share a...
  3. eastmeyers

    ATTENTION; Readers, OCers, Friends, and those intrested...

    For those of you whom don't read or just plain skip the "stickies", don't forget there are OC events Today (going on now), tomorrow, and Monday! Today (Saturday), Westland OC Picnic SATURDAY AUG.27 w/Splashpark & Play structures for the kids...
  4. eastmeyers

    List Your Open Carry Experiences Here

    You make it sound like you were posting bail for me or something. Obviously not the case. I had to drop something off, still funny.
  5. eastmeyers

    Executive Action

    So I am watching FNC and these are a few quotes that were thrown out: "Obama to unveil gun control reforms in near future" "White house says there is some sort of executive action that we will see very soon on this topic" I am going searching on their web-site now to try and find the story...
  6. eastmeyers

    9 Articles - 10 years later

    http://topics.mlive.com/tag/concealed%20handguns/index.html Ten years after Shall issue passes.
  7. eastmeyers

    Rep Weiner Ashamed of his OCing

    :banana: (the dancing banana is the pun not the title)
  8. eastmeyers

    Timothy is Back. FBI Anyone?

    Now for the weird part, I didn't do a local sex offender search with his name. I simply googled his name, and it came up with a sex offender link. I clicked on it and it listed an address in Macomb County, where we are pretty sure he lives. That would be a HUGE coincidence if its not him...
  9. eastmeyers

    The Timothy Article!

  10. eastmeyers

    Macomb Count Now Accepting On-Line Applications for CPLs

    http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/news/al_allen/macomb-county-now-accepting-online-applications-for-concealed-weapons-permits-20110318-wpms Not sure how this works, with fingerprinting.
  11. eastmeyers

    Am I The Only One That Questions CADL's Motives?

    I am seriously starting to believe, especially with them now claiming OC is brandishing, that CADL is only doing this to get press. I believe they KNOW they are going to loose, and are just trying to drag MOC through the mud, make MOC loose money, and try to make OC look bad to the public.
  12. eastmeyers

    lsj.com being dishonest

    http://www.lansingstatejournal.com/article/20110218/NEWS01/302180002/Capital-Area-District-Library-gets-restraining-order-on-gun-carriers?odyssey=tab%7Cmostpopular%7Ctext%7CFRONTPAGE This is an "article" about CADL TRO against MOC. If you goto the story page, and scroll down to the bottom you...
  13. eastmeyers

    Representative Gabrielle Giffords

    http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/01/08/arizona-congresswoman-reportedly-shot-public-event/ If your like me you have been watching this information on TV for awhile now. This is horrible, the man that shot her was obviously insane. She is the only US representative whom spouse is active...
  14. eastmeyers

    Belle Isle Picnic TODAY

    http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?76194-OC-potluck-Belle-Isle-Park-8-22 Today is the Belle Isle Picnic, I figured that I would post this here for the people who ignore the stickies. I did this for the Hazel Park Picnic only an hour before it started and one half of the...
  15. eastmeyers

    Forum Rules - Refresher Course

    Thank You John And Mike! http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/misc.php?do=showrules These are VERY important for EVERY member to read every once in awhile. Please take the time to read over the rules that John and Mike have set for their site (this site, the site THEY OWN). This site is...
  16. eastmeyers

    OC picnic Hazel Park 8/14/10

    Great time today Y'all!
  17. eastmeyers

    Don't Read Stickies? PICNIC TODAY HAZEL PARK!!!

  18. eastmeyers

    Please Contact Politicians

    Here is a list of everyone running on the August 3rd primary (on the State side, this does not include, Villages, Townships, Cities, or County Canaanites, if you know of a site which lists all of these please post) http://miboecfr.nictusa.com/election/candlist/10PRI/10PRI_CL.HTM Here is how...
  19. eastmeyers

    Oakland Press Article

    I have to give props to Stainless1911 and Army74 for bringing this article to light in another forum. http://www.theoaklandpress.com/articles/2010/07/10/news/doc4c38e1690bac3445471732.txt Really an awesome article IMHO! :banana::banana::banana::banana: