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  1. qednick

    Austin Bookstore offering 10% discount to Open Carriers

    http://www.kvue.com/story/news/local/2016/01/30/austin-bookstore-offering-10-percent-discount-open-carriers/79574234/ Thought our Austin-based friends would be interested to know this.
  2. qednick

    Houston area store posts 30.06 & 30.07 then gets robbed a week later

    http://www.khou.com/story/news/crime/2016/01/08/armed-robbers-terrorize-suspects-sugar-land/78437148/ The store apparently had posted both 30.06 & 30.07 :banghead:
  3. qednick

    "No Guns = No Business": Business Cards for Texans

    I put together this simple No Guns = No Business biz card. I'm going to print up a bunch with glossy coating and if anybody in TX wants a handful, just PM me your name/address to ship to and I'll send you free of charge in a padded envelope. I'm also including original artwork in case anyone...
  4. qednick

    San Antonio staple Tip Top Cafe to allow open carry

    http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/San-Antonio-staple-Tip-Top-Cafe-to-allow-open-6740579.php#item-38489 This place is close to my office though I'd never heard of it before. If I have time today I will go for lunch to show my support.
  5. qednick

    WalMart Workers on Pistol Patrol

  6. qednick

    Texas Open Carry Info Trifold/Brochure

    So I put this together. Figured some may find it useful. Did it in a way that you can print if off at home to fold up and hand out if needed. Unfortunately I had to reduce the quality of images to meet the upload requirements but they should still look OK. Any suggestions for edits/changes...
  7. qednick

    Post your TX Open Carry experiences here!

    So I'm killing two birds with one stone here. Even though we still can't OC in TX for a couple more weeks, I figured I'd post this experience and start the proverbial "Post your experience" thread at the same time :) So we did some running about today (getting new tires, grocery shopping, etc.)...
  8. qednick

    Is Gallup on reservation land?

    While travelling from Texas to Nevada and back I OC'd all the way through NM. However, we stopped for dinner in Gallup on the way and it appeared to be reservation land so I played safe and left my Sig locked in the car. According to my map, the area isn't reservation land, but I wondered if...
  9. qednick

    Scotland's Independence and Texas Secession

    It's interesting that most American-based news outlets are keeping rather quiet about this whole Scottish Independence referendum thing that's going on (http://news.yahoo.com/fate-united-kingdom-hangs-balance-latest-scotland-polls-112849265--sector.html). Most likely because they know it gives...
  10. qednick

    OC at LV airport baggage claim--clarification?

    Hello my NV colleagues! I will be travelling from Texas to the great state of Nevada during Thanksgiving week (actually getting married in Vegas). Obviously, I'll be OC all the way once I get across the border into NM. The one thing I'm a little confused about is the airport carry thing... I'll...
  11. qednick

    OC in NM while pumping gas?

    Little bit confused on NM OC laws... I see i couldn't OC anywhere where booze is sold, including gas stations. But what about if you don't actually enter the gas station store and you just stop to pump gas and pay at the pump? Is that OK? Seems from the law where it says "A. Unlawful carrying...
  12. qednick

    The most gun-friendly 2008 politician

    imported post Who you think? I think Ron Paul wins hands down. A pity the MSM is trying to pretend he doesn't exist or make him out to be a whacko.
  13. qednick

    National Open Carry Day?

    imported post I hope I'm posting in the most relevant place this time... I tried searching the site to see if this had been mentioned before and nothing showed up. So why don't we have (or organize) a "National Open Carry Day". Get it publicized on the news, etc. then everybody who is able to...
  14. qednick

    New Poll

    imported post Correct answer is YES http://www.ksat.com/politics/13230553/detail.html Now we just need to tell Rick Perry to allow open carry in Texas