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  1. ADulay

    Open Carry in Practice: Who's done it? | Vigilance Elite

    Your experiences are very similar to mine. The thing I hear the most from people asking questions is "I didn't know you could do that." AD
  2. ADulay

    Bloomberg Opinion article: The Dangerous Theater of Open Carry

    Having read the one sided article just now, they never mentioned people who open carry merely because it is their preferred method. No hero complex. No showing off. No big ego stroking. It's just the way I carry. Period. AD
  3. ADulay

    Healthcare anti-firearm rhetoric is alive and well

    Absolutely, 100% correct. AD
  4. ADulay

    Part Time Resident

    Had my annual Sturgis run this month and in the process spent several weeks in and about the western side of Minneapolis with my lady friend. She kind of leans towards the expensive restaurants while I'm perfectly happy with Dunkin Donuts. Open carried every day, all day, like usual. Not so...
  5. ADulay

    Preferred 9mm conceal carry?

    Wintertime is a Glock 30 OWB. Summer is the Glock 26 OWB. The small Glock 42 for ankle/pocket carry when needed. The G42 when carried in a proper ankle rig (Apache) can be worn all day, every day, as I did it for a year while spending many, many hours every day in the hospital with my wife...
  6. ADulay

    Open Carry is legal around the country

    I see this thread has come alive again. It must be time for my annual open carry Sturgis run!! AD
  7. ADulay

    Open Carry is legal around the country

    Ghost1958, In Florida there are the perpetual "bills" that get brought up every year by know-nothing politicians attempting to get their 15 minutes of allotted media exposure with the following legislation, most of which has already died in committee. Florida Carry Legislation Page Other than...
  8. ADulay

    NC members of Congress the right to use blue lights in the state.

    So just what important duty could any of those clowns have that would require them to "use a blue light" while driving their official government vehicle? Don't these people have anything really important to do these days??? AD
  9. ADulay

    An Interview with a Florida Open Carry advocate

    Hmmm. Good point. I do believe there used to be "Stop and Check" road blocks around all the time but those have been mostly dumped by the wayside now so your argument may be valid. Thanks. AD
  10. ADulay

    An Interview with a Florida Open Carry advocate

    I95, Actually I do believe they have a legitimate reason to stop me. It is illegal to openly carry a sidearm in Florida unless you meet the requirements of Florida Statute 790.25(3). As I do not outwardly appear to meet those requirements, it would be proper to at least stop and see if...
  11. ADulay

    An Interview with a Florida Open Carry advocate

    Gentlemen, Florida's odd open carry statutes are pretty black and white. The reason I, personally, get pulled over is because I'm riding a motorcycle (BMW) with an exposed sidearm (Glock 30). It is evident that the LEO is aware of the relevant statute because I am apparently only...
  12. ADulay

    An Interview with a Florida Open Carry advocate

    I agree. Not all LEO are as "well behaved" as the ones I've run into. I do see the horror stories out of Miami and other "rogue" areas in our state. The question becomes "how do we make sure these guys understand the gun laws"? On one occasion I had to have the officer actually pull...
  13. ADulay

    An Interview with a Florida Open Carry advocate

    I must be the only open carrying fishing guy in Florida who never has trouble with the LEO I encounter. They have stopped me, asked a few questions, looked at my ID and basically left me alone to continue fishing or riding the motorcycle to wherever it was I was headed. Usually to the range...
  14. ADulay

    NRA’s Annual Meeting OC’g and CC’g allowed.

    You're missing one heck of a convention. I've carried at every NRA convention I've attended and it's not a problem. They do restrict some venues, like you mentioned, when some political person is speaking, but you just don't go to that stuff. And like you stated, "If the speaker can't be...
  15. ADulay

    Florida SB_1310 would criminalize a minor’s social media picture of a gun

    I always hear how the legislature is "supposed" to represent "the people". I wonder just how many of this guy's district called or emailed him and said "we must do away with those awful pictures on facebook of children pointing fingers at each other"? Who comes up with this stuff??? AD
  16. ADulay

    Arrested for carrying a concealed firearm in Florida!!

    Florida Statute 316.2045 316.2045 Obstruction of public streets, highways, and roads.— (1) It is unlawful for any person or persons willfully to obstruct the free, convenient, and normal use of any public street, highway, or road by impeding, hindering, stifling, retarding, or restraining...
  17. ADulay

    Have you ever had someone react REALLY badly to seeing you open carry?

    No, that was held in the "Communist controlled" Miami area. It's like New York South. Mine are usually all in the Fort Myers and Tampa areas. AD
  18. ADulay

    Have you ever had someone react REALLY badly to seeing you open carry?

    We have what is called the "2nd Saturday Open Carry and Fishing Day" here in Florida for those who are in the open carry movement. It has to do with an odd statute that allows Floridians to open carry if they're fishing, hunting, camping, shooting or going to and from these types of things. We...
  19. ADulay

    Open carry in Indiana

    Have open carried in Indiana for many years. Mostly in the southern parts of the state to include crossing the "border" into Kentucky with zero problems. AD (on a Florida permit)
  20. ADulay

    Time for Utah permit?

    Anyone have a rough idea of the time from processing of your credit card to receiving your Utah permit? (Non-Resident) Just going on a month now and was just wondering about it. AD