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  1. kinggabby

    2 years of hades in Oklahoma

    Welp under the current situation I can not carry nor have a gun in my house for 2 yrs. It is not because of something I did but that my wife did. I know some on here would say get rid of her. But it is really complicated and can not go into that. It just stinks that I have to leave my gun at a...
  2. kinggabby

    Walmart walk Texas

    Anyone planning on doing the Walmart walk 1/1/2016 ? As long as reciprocity remains the same and allows me to Open carry in Texas I will as long as I have gas to drive down from Oklahoma.
  3. kinggabby

    Congrats texas on your new Open Carry

    Need a like button on here but until then....
  4. kinggabby

    I wish

    I wish more people would get on board with Open Carry. I am always hearing from the ones who want to stay concealed ( which I have no problem if people want to stay concealed ) about how we are going to scare the public because they are not used to seeing guns. How hard is it to understand that...