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    City-placed sign in Jefferson County

    Who do we contact to get this taken down? I can call around and find out (and will if necessary), but I figured if there was already a contact it might be easier. I know it's an old sign, but it doesn't make the placement any less prominent. Bardstown @ Beulah Church.
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    Wicks Pizza not responding to email about no firearms sign

    http://www.wickspizza.com/contact.stm comments@wickspizza.com Here's the email that I sent Wick's: I sent this email on 7/22. No response. I don't know about the rest of you, but I enjoy food. When I purchase something, I'd also prefer it to be a local product (Food included). My birthday...
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    Negative Encounter with Graymoor-Devondale PD

    Tuesday at 1:00am I stopped by to fill up my car and check the oil. I spend somewhere between $50-$100 a week at this store. I was a quart low so I went inside to buy some oil. Gas was already paid for, $42 @ the pump. There was a GDPD car in the parking lot. I always OC here so I thought...
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    Lunch Meet in Downtown Louisville 12/15

    Thread was taking a direction that expanded to something more than the title covered, so we'll talk about meeting up in this one. When: Wednesday 12/15, 12:45p Where: Restaurant in Hotel Louisville, 120 W Broadway Dress: Typical attire for the lunch crowd is business professional. I usually...
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    Another OC-friendly Business in Louisville

    I have been having lunch at Hotel Louisville (120 West Broadway) in their restaurant with some amount of frequency over the past several months. They have been more than happy to have my business. If you're in the area and considering going to McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc. I encourage you to...
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    Traveling to Maine

    The wife and I are taking a trip from the OC friendly state of KY to ME. We will be staying in the Bridgeton area. I was hoping to get a quick run-down of carry policies in ME. I have been OC'ing for over 4 years now so I am familiar with how to act, just needing a few pointers (and...
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    Late-night visit leads to uninvited entry

    imported post Guess I'll go ahead and spill the beans since I have (loosely) decided on a course of action. The other person involved in the incident wishes to remain anonymous at this time, and will be referred to as 'Tim'. Feel free to comment, On April 17, at 1:30 AM I was awoken by...
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    Clarksville PD say OC is Illegal

    imported post I have a morning routine of stopping at Circle K right before I get to work to pick up a $0.69 drink. Today when I walked in, there was a cruiser in the lot, but no uniformed officer inside. As I was checking out, a larger man approached me and asked who I was with. I told him...
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    Need some legal assistance...

    imported post Looking for a civil rights attorney in the Louisville area, preferably pro-2A. I'd rather not get into what it's all about just yet, but do need some legal advice. Will definitely be posting updates after discussing the matter with legal council. Any recommendations?
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    Thunder Update

    imported post Most recent archive of the thunder FAQ: http://web.archive.org/web/20070914162204/www.thunderoverlouisville.org/visitors/going-faq.asp This language stood as of last year, despite LMPD statements to the contrary. Huh, looks like something fell off the page on the new site...
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    Stopped for OC in Clarksville

    imported post Walked into a Circle K just off of I-65, as is my normal routine. I always stop there before work. I was carrying my XD 45 compact, IWB holster, shirt tucked behind because it was a little shorter than usual and I didn't want to play peek-a-boo. As I am getting a fountain drink...
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    Walmart OC again...

    imported post Went back to where my 7-car traffic stop took place. Needed some touch-up paint, so I went to look at Walmart's (not so) amazing selection of automotive paint. I had a close match picked out when the (nervous) asst manager approached me and told me that I had to leave the store...
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    Detained for OC

    imported post Pardon any omitted facts as I'm still mad about the incident... Shopping at WalMart at 1am, needed some r-134 for a car I'm working on. I was there getting the same thing 3 hours ago, found out I needed more so I went back. No problem in the store whatsoever. Talked to the...
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    Glovebox Carry

    imported post What is the legality of glovebox carry in OH? Here's the situation... I was in KY and had to go into the Sheriff's office, locked my 2 handguns in the glovebox like a good citizen. On my way up to OH I stopped to put them both back in their holsters. The glovebox opened right up...
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    Duty to Inform

    imported post On my way home this morning and saw a deer laying in the middle of the road, still moving. I called the local PD's dispatch. It stood up, so I figured I'd sit in my car and keep it lit up until a LEO arrived. I was able to sit in a parking lot totally off the road and point my...
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    Letter to Lousiville Metro

    imported post On December 27, 2008 at approximately 11:00 PM, I was stopped by a Louisville Metro Police Officer in a marked K-9 unit on N. Hurstborne Pkwy. at I-64. I was confused as to why I had been stopped. The officer approached my driver's window and asked for my operator's license. I...
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    If YOU are carrying a firearm

    imported post Everyone's seen these signs, right? I saw one posted on the door of a convenience store in Columbus last night. It was also posted right over the register. As a law-abiding citizen (not a robber / legally able to possess firearms), what felony is being committed by carrying in a...
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    OC in establishment serving alcohol

    imported post So over the weekend I went to the Upper Valley Mall in Springfield, OH to do some shopping with my wife. I OC'd in a shoulder holster. We went there over Fairfield Commons and Dayton Mall due to their CPZ policies. We decided that we were hungry, so we went into a place called...
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    OC/CC traffic incident

    imported post On Saturday afriend and I were travelling back from an unsuccessful day of deer hunting in Venton County. (Actually, he was hunting and I was providing security as we were on his land and there have been poaching/tresspassing problems in the past). Bambi decided that if we...
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    OC/CC question

    imported post To what extent to CCW laws apply to my place of business and to my home? I have very specific concerns about where I work, like not wanting to get shot in a robbery.