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    Forum is kind of a turn off...

    Seems like there's a lot of smart aleks, elitists and cop haters in the forums. Quite a turn off tbh. While there's a ton of good, smart people on here, the amount of, well, a-holes is quite frustrating And lately I've been turning to other forums for information and discussions. I mean I see...
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    Suggestions where to stay and shoot?

    So I live in Utah. Parents live in California. We're going to meet up halfway and I'm going to drop off some **** and have them take it to my storage. They have a couple of my handguns over there and they've been wanting to learn how to use it, because, California. Since they're really...
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    Open Carrying

    Sooo, I want to start OC'ing more, but why the heck does it feel SO uncomfortable? I grew up in communist california where you're practically a criminal for having a gun (lol joke-ish) but joined the mil and became a MP. I thought I would feel comfortable OC'ing as a civi since when I was in, I...
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    OC Nervous :P

    Hey so I'm new to the website and I'm living over in Utah. My family is coming over from communist California (joke from our CCW trainer) and they're wanting to spend about 5 days over in Nevada, Las Vegas area. I don't think we'll actually spend any time over in LV, but more around that area...