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    State Office Building Evacuated

    I wonder if we can expect this reaction more often given the recent events that have dominated the news. Its not illegal, nor particularly rare to see someone carrying a firearm in a state building. Had I answered the 911 call, I would have probably replied with a "so what"...
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    Feinstein violated DC's gun ban. Sign my petition to charge her.

    I need 150 signatures for it to go public. http://wh.gov/ysqP
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    Petition to arm teachers and principals

    Sign the petition, share it with your friends and family! http://wh.gov/RnDE
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    Lexington Center

    Does anyone from the Lexington area know much about the affairs of Lexington Center. I was in attendance this weekend at the State Homeland Security Conference which was at Lexington Center. I noticed all the doors had signage saying that weapons were prohibited.
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    Laurel County

    While this isn't exactly a open carry issue, the Laurel County Fiscal Court is attempting to ban the possession of concealed firearms in county buildings. While they are within their legal abilities to do so, I say don't fix what is not broke. If you all get bored and feel like making some...
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    Local Ordinances

    I've found a good website that has ordinances for numerous cities throughout Kentucky on it: http://www.amlegal.com/library/ky/index.shtml I found some interesting stuff in Paris' ordinances. It appears to ban the concealed and open carry of firearms on all Paris property inside and out...