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2016 Utah State GOP Convention results


Jul 5, 2006
For any who missed it in the media, here are the pertinent results for the Utah State Republican Convention last Saturday, April 23rd, 2016.

Most notably, Gov. Herbert received just less than 45% of the vote; Jonathan Johnson won just over 55% of the vote. They are headed to a primary.

(Which was the foregone conclusion since Herbert guarantee himself a spot on the primary by gathering signatures under SB 45 and it was unlikely Johnson was going to get less than 40% to get shut out completely)

But this is a rather stunning and embarrassing symbolic loss for an incumbent governor.

If you are a member of the Republican Party in Utah, be sure to vote in the primary Tuesday, June 28, 2016.

Between now and then, take a moment to contact the two campaigns to let them know how you feel about Gov. Herbert killing Constitutional Carry the last 3 legislative sessions (veto in 2014, a promised veto in 2015 and 2016 that persuaded legislative leadership to not even bring it up for a vote). By contacting both campaigns and voicing your views, you amplify the importance of this issue on both sides and improve the chances of getting the next governor to sign Constitutional Carry even if the next governor happens to be Herbert.

Party nominations for all [strike]5 Federal seats up for election (Senator Mike Lee and all 4 of our congressmen) were decided in convention. Lee, Love, and Stewart were unopposed. Bishop and Chaffetz easily hit 60%+ to secure the nomination on the 1st round of balloting in their districts.[/strike]

Also of interest, former Utah State Representative Chris Herrod forced incumbent State Senator Curt Bramble into a primary.



Rep Chaffetz GOP-primary opponent, Mr. Teng, gathered signatures to guarantee a spot on a the June Primary ballot despite receiving less than 40% of the delegate vote.

All other nominations for federal offices were decided in convention as I previously reported.

My apologies for the erroneous information.
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