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color of law

Accomplished Advocate
Oct 7, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
That wasn’t you working the ‘pole’ or ‘cage at the strip club couple months ago? :eek:

[a visual i truly regret implanting in everyone’s mind] :devilish:

Not that I would ever admit to being within a thousand feet of a strip club, I'm curious what strip club have you been frequenting?


Accomplished Advocate
Aug 17, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
I hadn't thought about it before but that is true. BB62 with his open carry walks is a good example of that. ...

Pay no attention to the hangers-on who claim that every Walk, challenge, bus ride, etc. wouldn't have been possible without help. :unsure:

Unlike poseurs such as gutshot II, when you have my chiseled good looks and firm physique, you get into activism for one reason only: to meet hot chicks. AND, having one or more wingmen complicates that goal!


But seriously, there are a number of aspects to being an event organizer. It's not all about me!

While some events or aspects of them have become formulaic, they didn't all start that way - and some remain "custom designed". Some are my doing from beginning to end, others carry forward the ideas or initiatives of others, and some are joint ventures. Some require or are best done with elements such as legal counsel, advice/opinion seeking, "lay of the land" input, etc.

(edited to add: for various reasons, most of those who assist with non-joint venture events prefer anonymity)

ALSO, another element that people tend not to think about is those who attend my events. I am humbled and grateful that 1) people show up, and 2) GREAT people show up.

Bottom line: I have a certain reputation not only because of what I do, because of who does it with me, and in a number of instances, who is part of the planning and/or execution process. WE have a reputation, and that's worth its weight in gold.

P.S. - sometimes an event is not even required - and that's because of OUR reputation.
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