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Aliens gun too dangerous for Queensland, say cops


Regular Member
Feb 17, 2011
Up Nort' Wi
But, but, but....they *look* like a real gun! With hollow barrels and everything. Think of the massive damage this guy could do if they allowed these into the country, he could scare people...oh, the humanity!

They look as much like a real functioning weapon as Dennis Rodman looks like a real woman.

I suppose in a pinch they could be used as clubs.

Jeez, after reading that story (and the comments) I really feel sorry for those of you over there that actually have common sense. I know I'd be moving somewhere more freedom loving...like China.
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Old Grump

Regular Member
Jan 22, 2010
Blue River, Wisconsin, USA
I wonder if those police officers were transplants from Los Angeles...or do we get out officers from Queenslalnd...its so hard to tell now a days. It's sad to see that politics controls so much of policework, never mind common sense, do what is politically correct no matter how stupid it is. Most every police officer I have had dealing with are pretty squared away but if they love the taste of brown and don't mind puckering up they get promoted no matter what their qualifications are.