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Board of firearms examiner's scheduling 2018 WTF!

Good Citizen

Regular Member
Mar 11, 2011
I recently went to the board of firearms examiner's website and saw that they were scheduling into 2018, I'm wondering what the backlog is about and why they're taking so long to hear cases. I have a friend who lives in Waterbury and got his permit in the past 2 months and it took six months, and he's a military reservist. I guess filing an appeal if it's 2018 doesn't help anything? What's up with that?:cuss: there's a ton of dumb **** the cops can do to you when you open carry and get your permit taken away and having to wait till 2018 to sort it out other than a court trial, which may not help,is some serious ********, to have to deal with.


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust

Surprised no one has filed a writ of mandamus for them to hear their case.

After all, one cannot practice with their gun to maintain proficiency w/o a permit. As one cannot leave his dwelling with the gun w/o a permit.

And being able to practice is part of the 2nd amendment.

So, if you are eligible to own - they must issue -

Good citizen is free to go to a meeting of the board and ask for an agenda item be added to allow public discussion of their lack of hearing cases. They can hold meetings every day if they wanted to.

I know the other case wherein the courts ruled that 22 mo. was just fine but the argument above was not covered --

Not surprised of the increasing delay for permits....
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