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Campus Carry Roundtable Discussion, 6:00 PMT Thu, 3/26/15 @ UNLV BEH Rm. 218

Nevada carrier

Regular Member
Mar 30, 2010
The Epicenter of Freedom
I just received the following in an e-mail this afternoon... I know it's short notice, but if you are a student, related to a student or have lawful business on campus from time to time here in southern Nevada, please make an effort to attend. I will be attending.

Good Afternoon:

For those of you who have followed the debate occurring in Carson City this Legislative session over whether or not to allow law-abiding, legally permitted, concealed carry permit holders to bring their weapons onto campus – we need your help!

A new UNLV organization which goes by the name of “Students for Progress” is having an event this evening at 6:00pm in BEH 218. The event is a round table discussion about Campus Carry as well as a more general discussion about gun laws in America.

Caleb Green, a member of CSUN Student Government, recently told the Las Vegas Review Journal “There just isn’t any support for this [Campus Carry] from students.” Although this event is marketed as a round table discussion, we know that this progressive student organization will only cater to those who believe and think as they do.

Join us tonight at 6:00pm in BEH 218 to provide an alternative voice to this discussion and show that despite the lies and misinformation, there are students who care deeply about this issue as well as protecting their basic constitutional rights.

-UNLV College Republicans

Here is a map to the location, I recommend parking in the south lot/garage near the Thomas & Mack