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Comm2A files Federal Lawssuit against Dept of Public Safety and Village Vault


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Jul 5, 2008
Swanzey,NH, ,
The above parties are being sued in behalf of firearms owners who were deprived of thier property without due process. I will also point out that there is on GunsAmerica a business "Yankee Artifacts" selling firearms, that appears to be Village Vault.

There is another warehouse though not being sued called New Engaland Ballistic Services in Hopedale,Ma. I have reason to believe that they are using GunBroker.

If you would please avoid buying anything from them.

Be aware these folks are not in my opinion friends of the gun owner.

As to more info go to Comm2A and check thier site.
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Jan 15, 2007
Village Vault and Yankee Artifacts are not, IMHO, at fault. They are, as far as I can see, legally conducting a legal business.

The problem is the law that allows seizure and then confiscation of firearms without conviction of a criminal act that authorizes such action.

An additional problem I notice is that prior to the current pending litigation none of the effected persons brought suit to try and stop the transfer of seized property while awaiting the opportunity to appeal/contest the seizure, or to seek recompense and injunctive relief following confiscation and subsequent disposal without due process of law. Maybe I missed it. I admit my search was cursory.

I'm glad to see legal action to try and stop an egregious set of behaviors on the part of the state. But painting the business with the same brush as the state seems unfair and beneath "us".

stay safe.