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Gun Ownership Project


Regular Member
Nov 5, 2015
That one well known member of this forum would leap at the chance to speak his mind and infer he speaks for all ky gun owners was a given from the start. Some folk insert themselves into any thing that may get them attention

OC for me had it right. A study or paper that does not include all citizens as having the RTKABA is flawed out the gate.


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
It is a common technique from the left to portray any dissent from a party line as being born of fear or hate or ignorance.

That I find that line of reasoning here is most disappointing.
What COMMON TECHNIQUE are you referring to?

Who is the LEFT?

What dissent from what PARTY LINE?

What FEAR or eh never mind!

That there is no rhyme or “reason” in your post is what is quite disappointing!

Eye95 your continued use of the litnay of rhetorical mischaracterization of ambiguous terms lacks any meaning or definition in your post whatsoever!

That’s trying ~ really.

Glad the founding fathers did not exhibit that mentality!

color of law

Accomplished Advocate
Oct 7, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
I tried. Moving on.
That is a cop-out answer. You can't explain yourself, so you say you tried, then you're moving on. You didn't even try to explain anything. I, at least, give you credit, you didn't try to wordsmith it. On the other hand, even you couldn't come up with an explanation.