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HB 4422


State Researcher
Jan 25, 2007
Lebanon, VA
imported post



This bill immediately prohibits a person from possessing firearms and authorizes the immediate confiscation of firearms upon the issuance of any type of domestic violence protective order, before that person has had an opportunity for a hearing in court in which he or she can present his/her side of the case and defend against false allegations. This bill violates a person's right to due process and will result in lying, manipulative individuals abusing the system to have a person's guns taken away by imposing firearm disabilities before that person has his or her day in court. The current law is modeled on federal law (18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(8)), which while imperfect, at least gives everyone their day in court before a protective order results in firearm disabilities.

For more info, see
WVCDL's February 10, 2010, legislative update.