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How do you carry?

Firearms Iinstuctor

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Jul 12, 2011
northern wis
Of the 4 of them Laying on the table beside me now. I still find them to be an interesting unique bit of revolver history.

I found that most decent 22rf pistols are very capable of small game accuracy to at least 50 yards more depending on the shooter.

The 32-20 in a good accurate hand gun is a very capable performer.

But after shooting 2 inch groups at 50yards with my German PPK and 4 inch groups at 100 yards with my 9mm Hi power. That's not including the better grouping hunting handguns.

Having used my Glock to dispatch small game and varmints I found the porcupines at 25 yards are easy and small squirrels at 10 to yards the same.

A 165gr Golden saber might be over kill for a small red squirrels but when something is doing damage to your property one uses what one has on hand.

You are right a lot of hand accuracy problems are shooter related.
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Jul 11, 2008
Yuma, Arizona, USA
This Discussion has rekindled my interest in the Nagant Revolvers

Mine is stamped 1926, it is the oldest one I have seen around this area in stores. I would love to find an older one to add to my collection. I do have a question though, people talk about shooting other calibers through the Nagant, do I need to have something different in order to do that or will they fire from the pistol as is?
I had a muy sympatico conversation with an FN cartridge designer up at the shot show a couple of weeks ago. He has retired and has his own modest company now, based in Belgium, and we really hit it off. He produces ammunition for a number of obsolete revolvers, and we considered an old idea that I had to convert berdan cartridge cases to a more easily reloadable form. He said that he would email me results of the experiment that I suggested.

If he does not, I have saved several dozen Russian berdan Nagnant cases, which I thought would be perfect for the experiment, and I should be able to dig up the Nagant dies that I bought a few years ago but never used.

I suggest, 7om5hipp, that you save those Russian Nagant revolver cases. Maybe they can be put to a good use.

Too many projects, too little time.