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How to get Certified as a Security Guard in Nevada?


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Sep 8, 2013
Henderson, NV now Texas. I move a lot.
By that, I mean ARMED.

So many requirements, and that's cool YET, can anyone refer me to a reputable place that won't charge me out the ass to become certified in Nevada [I have been certified in the past, and again in the military]?

Eventually, I'll require a job [relaxing on my savings account at the moment --not even filing for Unemployment!] and --what I'm good at is: Being nice [social, no BS] and also; capable of temperate violence should the need arise.

At this point, I simply can't see doing anything more than the protector role that is who I am.

So, help me... I don't want to work at Wal*mart. :/
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Aug 1, 2012
Pointy end and slightly to the left
WSI is the security force at the NNSS. Nevada Nuclear Security Site, use to be the Nevada Test Site. They are armed and do their own training. Armed from hand guns to full auto depending on assignment. There web page is http://www.wsinevada.com/JobPostings.htm. The majority are X-military. I do not know if they are taking apps. I do not work for the force and have no additional information.