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Issues with the Issuing Authority


Jun 28, 2016
I live in New Haven and submitted my application back in March 2016. I was told when I applied it would take 6-8 months which I told them was a violation of the law, they don't care, great. Since then, I've been calling the NHPD every now and then to check the status, going as far as to call other agencies to make sure everything was moving along and whatnot. 6/1 I was told everything came back clean and was ready to proceed, just needed to get signed. I called 6/17 and was told I was halfway there.

I know they are busy but that's 1. No excuse to violate the law, and 2. No reason to be so disorganized (or untruthful) I'm told different things.

Today I was called by an officer that immediately started to question me. I asked why and was told it was regarding my pistol permit. I told him I had applied legally and provided the state and police department with everything required by law. He continued to ask questions like where I was born, why I was arrested, etc. I reminded him I applied lawfully and anything he needs to know regarding myself for my pistol permit is in the required documents I submitted for the permit. He ended the call with, "Ok if you wanna play that game, fine. Have a good day."

What the hell is this? I was told on 6/1 everything came back clean, there were no disqualifiers, and I just needed to wait for it to be signed. Do they have a right to call and ask these kind of questions and does me refusing the questionnaire put me at a disadvantage? I am a law abiding citizen that has done everything according to law. I have attempted to contact multiple departments but have not gotten through to anyone. I only wish to provide what information is necessary/required to obtain my permit. So far this process has been very discouraging.


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
In CT you can record any face to face conversation; so if you wanted to have contact with them, do so in person and record it (no need to inform the other person). I will not advise you to ignore the police or contact them -- this is your decision.

Sounds like that they will deny your permit as things stand right now.

Strike first and file an appeal with the BFPE. They are beyond even the 8 week time requirement. http://ctpistolpermitissues.com/the-appealsbfpe-process/
A good web page to read regarding appeals.

You'll get a hearing in about 2-3 yrs before the BFPE on this application. yes, 2-3 YEARS

You may re-file another application.

As to what is required for an application, see HB 5409 OLR analysis of the bill (which did not pass but is still very instructive).


^^ link to bill analysis

In respect to arrests and MV issues, the BFPE has indicated that in their questionnaire that they serve upon litigants before them that completion of these sections are not mandatory.

Now if you re-apply and get denied, do not submit a 2nd appeal to the BFPE .. they may dismiss the first one claiming it is moot due to a 2nd appeal being filed (not a major issue but it would push back a hearing).
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