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Nevada Campus Protection Act


Regular Member
Feb 6, 2010
North Las Vegas, NV

On Thursday, February 17, the Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs Association will meet to form an opinion on Bill Draft Request 742. This important legislation would enable Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit holders to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense on college campuses. State law allows each individual college or university president to determine their respective carry policies, but not one currently allows permit holders to exercise this constitutional right. Permit holders are among the most law-abiding citizens in the country and we need your Sheriff’s support for BDR 742 to remedy this injustice and restore the right to self-defense on college campuses.

Please contact your Sheriff today and urge him to support BDR 742 at the upcoming February 17th meeting and testify in support when it comes up for a hearing in the Nevada Legislature. Contact information is listed below.

Clark County
Doug Gillespie
(702) 828-3231

I know he hasn't shown to really be on our team (Though I don't know how he feels about this issue) I think it would be a good idea to show support.


Regular Member
Dec 19, 2007
Fallon, Nevada, USA
Here is the complete list of sheriffs.

Some are supportive - and some are NOT.

Each needs to be contacted.

And we need to get each sheriff's position ON THE RECORD.

Carson City
Kenneth Furlong
(775) 887-2020 ext. 41900

Churchill County
Ben Trotter [note: on record in support of BDR-742]
(775) 423-3116

Clark County
Doug Gillespie
(702) 828-3231

Douglas County
Ron Pierini
(775) 782-9900

Elko County
James Pitts
(775) 738-3421

Esmeralda County
Kenneth Elgan
Phone: (775) 485-6373
Fax: (775) 485-3524

Eureka County
Kenneth E. Jones
(775) 237-5330

Humboldt County
Ed Kilgore
(775) 623-6419

Lander County
Ron Unger
(775) 635-5161

Lincoln County
Kerry Lee
(775) 962-5151

Lyon County
Allen Veil
(775) 463-6600

Mineral County
Michael Dillard
(775) 945-2434

Nye County
Anthony L DeMeo
(775) 482-8101

Pershing County
Richard Machado
(775) 273-5111

Storey County
Gerald Antinoro
(775) 847-0959

Washoe County
Michael Haley
(775) 328-3001

White Pine County
Dan Watts
(775) 289-8808
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Nov 4, 2008
, Nevada, USA
I understand that the NSCA voted as a body to oppose this law. We need to find out who voted for and against. This is one where we definitely need to show up and show support in Carson City. If enough people show up we may be able to overcome opposition.

Nevada carrier

Regular Member
Mar 30, 2010
The Epicenter of Freedom
I haven't heard anything other than only two Sheriff's supported it.

Very bad, considering there are 17 Sheriffs.

Of course they opposed it, Just like criminals, Law Enforcement Agencies prefer disarmed people. How many sheriffs supported "Shall issue?" How many of them would oppose a bill that would ban open carry? How many of them will support constitutional carry? the answer is few to none.

The legislature answers to the people, not to the NSCA. Getting their support is not a requisite of passing a piece of legislation.

I decided to get more information on the subject and leave my opinion. In an e-mail to Senator Lee, I wrote;

Dear Sir,

My name is ________________________, Leader for Students For Concealed Carry on Campus at College of Southern Nevada. I have been told that you are attempting to introduce a bill known as the Nevada Campus Protection Act. If possible, I would like to be actively engaged in the effort to secure the passage of this bill. Would you please forward me a copy of the Nevada Campus Protection Act? I would like to understand how the bill intends to address the changes needed to make it lawful for students possessing a CCW to carry on college campuses without the requirement to obtain written permission from the president of the institution.

It has always been my understanding that we do not enact laws that specifically say that an activity is legal, only laws that say an activity is not legal. Assuming this to be the case, is it the intent of the Nevada Campus Protection Act to strike out the language under all relevant statutes to the effect of “while on the property of the Nevada System of Higher Education?” Additionally, removing the language requiring students and faculty to “obtain written permission?” Ideally, the bill should then add language that reads to the effect;

1. No institution within the Nevada System of Higher Education may enact or enforce any prohibition or restriction on the carry, possession and transportation of firearms by students, faculty, staff or visitors provided that those possessing, carrying or transporting firearms are;
(a) a member of a law enforcement agency or
(b) are otherwise lawfully permitted to own, possess and transport a firearm and
(c) are permitted by the State of Nevada to carry a firearm concealed and hold a valid and current Nevada CCW permit and
(d) have lawful business on the premises.

2. Establish the criminal penalty for violation of the above conditions (a) - (d)

3. Establish a civil penalty for violation of the above. (to be awarded to the person whose legal right to carry, possess or transport was violated)

It would please me a great deal to hear your response, and to read the language contained within the Nevada Campus Protection Act.

Very Respectfully,

Student, College of Southern Nevada &
Campus Leader, Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
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Nevada carrier

Regular Member
Mar 30, 2010
The Epicenter of Freedom
I just spoke with Senator Lee, he believes the first draft of the bill will be back from the printer on Wednesday, but perhaps as late as Friday. He also told me he would call and discuss it with me then.


Regular Member
Sep 5, 2006
Sparks, Nevada, United States
I sent an email to Senator Brower asking him to cosponsor this bill and received the response below:

Thank you for your email. I have not seen this bill yet, but I have a meeting scheduled with Sen. Lee to discuss it and look forward to the upcoming hearing. I appreciate your input.

Greg Brower
Nevada State Senator
(775) 684-6559