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"No Guns Allowed" sign at the Madison Texaco on Old Madison Pike and Shelton Road


Regular Member
Feb 28, 2011
"No Guns Allowed" sign at the Madison Texaco on Old Madison Pike and Shelton Road

Since we moved from Madison, I hadn't been to this Texaco for several months. It's where I've gotten the vast majority of my gas and diesel the 20 years I lived in Madison. I've open carried in their for at least three years since I start OC'ing.

Today, after filling up my truck with $260 worth of diesel, I walked up to the store and only then noticed the "No Guns Allowed - except by LE personnel" on the front door. Since I had already pumped the diesel (it's the only pump that doesn't have the card reader on it), I went on it and paid.

As usual, I was OC'ing my S&W 329PD. I have no idea if I was the reason they put the sign up nor do I really care. I won't be going back, if only because I hope I never have to go to Madison ever again (I can't stand the retarded traffic and drivers).

This is the Texaco near the intersection of Old Madison Pike and Shelton Road.

The ladies were just as friendly as they ever have been, but I won't be back.