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OC in a car


Regular Member
Dec 4, 2010
Central VA
My Brother in Law is the licensing authority in his jurisdiction in Mass. He would definitely revoke the license of anyone open carrying. He is pretty sure that most of the other licensing authorities would do the same.

Tell your Bro-in-law he is a disgrace to his badge, because HIS views aren't supposed to dictate others rights! THIS is the problem with MA, pull your permit for LEGALLY OC'ing. Glad I moved out.


Regular Member
Aug 24, 2012
The laws about open carry are vague for a reason, it creates confusion and allows police to use disturbing the peace charges against you if they wish. If you are in another town, your COP will be notified and he has the option to find you unsuitable. If you've talked to him before hand on the subject, you'll know where you stand and if he will jam you up or not.

You have valid LTC Class A, I recommend going to the Chief who issues that LTC. If they do not have a problem with OC, then you should have no issues. Unfortunately the way MA laws are, they are pretty much the final say on this, unless as stated in the previous post, you go to court and get that nullified.

I know COP's who have no problem with it, but most are in Central/Western MA. And most will tell you they'd rather you conceal, that's really the "intention" of the license. I'm willing to bet 90% of COP's you talk to will say that, to A) not have to deal with other chiefs who might have a problem with it and B) not have to deal with Sally Soccer Mom seeing your gun and calling them.

In the vehicle, a loaded firearm has to be in "direct control". Again....vague and open to interpretation by law enforcement. But I dont think in a holster on your person can be argued against, that's really the best place to carry it in a vehicle. If you are OC'ing in a vehicle, there are no laws against it......however, Soccer mom sitting in traffic on the side of you looks into your car and sees gun on your hip, calls cops gives your license #. You get pulled over and maybe disturbing the peace is charged...maybe not, this all depends on law enforcement.

Like it or not...in the state of MA, your Constitutional rights are tempered by Law Enforcement.....if you choose to do things lawfully.
But the laws are so vague and open to law enforcement interpretation, that they can essentially jam you up for almost anything.
Some people chose to accept it, some choose not to and just do things illegally and never get caught. Right now they are in the process of creating more laws which will make law abiding people into felons by owning magazines they've legally owned for years and making law abiding gun owners carry insurance, one gun a month limits, no personal transfers, etc...
I will leave if these new laws passes. I'm tired of being a subject to this ********.

I am in CT but I want to comment about how the cops would rather have you conceal. Ask them if they hever had a criminal OC or OC before commitiing a crime. The answer will be "no". Ask them if they would rather see the threat or have it hidden from them. One always wants to see the threat. The only other reason for the police to want you to conceal is that it will create a panic in some people and they will get calls. That is irrelevant. It is our job to take calls and it is our job to uphold the Constitution. The fact that people are scared, as you know, means nothing and the public AND LEO's needs to be educated about this.


New member
Apr 17, 2013
Central Mass
While not expressly denied it does leave you open to some issues. As many in here have stated each city/town issuing authority can revoke your license. Given the fact that our state is very liberal, and given current events you can almost guarantee it would generate some sort of call volume to the PD in your area.

If you do decide to take that route, be fully ready to at least be identified. There are dicks in every group/occupation so it is what it is. Personally, if your license checked out fine and there is no issues I'd let you on your way as quickly as possibly. Attitude determines outcome in many of these situations.

Be responsible.