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Operation Chaos: Iowa 2012


Regular Member
Feb 15, 2009
Linn County, Iowa, USA
Those of you that follow politics likely remember radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh initiating what he called "Operation Chaos" in 2008. The operation called to disrupt the Democratic presidential primary race by having his listeners, primarily Republicans, to register as Democrats and vote in the primary for Hilary Clinton. The intent was not to get Hilary Clinton as president but to get Obama out of the general election so that the Democrats would put up someone more likely to lose the race. At a minimum it would raise doubt in the "elect-ability" of Obama from fewer delegates to the convention, prolong the primary debates, and shorten the general election battle, all of which would provide a greater chance of a conservative getting into the White House.

People will debate the effectiveness of Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos but I feel this idea has some merit for us in Iowa in this upcoming primary election. The caucus we had in January was for the presidential race only. The other races will still have a traditional primary on June 5th this year. Since this is an off year for the US Senate in Iowa neither of the Senate seats to the US Congress will be on the ballot. This leaves local offices on the ballot and all the seats in the US House of Representatives.

This is also a redistricting year. Because Iowa's population did not grow as quickly as the rest of the nation Iowa has lost a seat in the US House of Representatives. We will see five incumbents fight over four seats. Three of these incumbents are Democrats with a history of voting against our right of self defense.

In the Iowa House of Representatives we saw all Democrats in the House throw a fit in the middle of the session over two self defense bills. They left the Capitol rather than debate the bills in open session. A Democrat controlled Iowa Senate has tried, and possibly already succeeded, to kill those self defense bills that passed out of the House despite the futile attempts of the House Democrats to kill the bills.

Because of the shifts in Iowa population the lines for the Iowa General Assembly districts have been redrawn. We will see many Democrat incumbents fight over who gets to stay in the Assembly. This election has all the Representatives and half of the Senate up for a vote in the general election in November. With the redrawn district lines I suspect that the primaries will have numerous incumbent Democrats on the ballot, as opposed to running uncontested by another Democrat candidate.

I believe we have an opportunity here to get those Democrats that have voted against our right to self defense out of office even before the general election in November. This is an opportunity that may come only once in our lifetimes.

Remember, the presidential caucus is over. This primary election in June will not decide who the Republicans put on the ballot for November. Neither of the two US Senators for Iowa are up for a vote this year. This primary will be about who the two big political parties will put on the November ballot for local races and for the US House of Representatives.

I'm proposing my own Operation Chaos. This is our chance to remove those incumbent Democrats from office even before they get to the general election. I suggest that everyone that wants to see our right of self defense protected in law to register as a Democrat for the June primary and vote out all the incumbents. We need to let the Democrats know that we will not allow for them to deny us our right of self defense any longer.

What do you, the members of OCDO, think about my idea? Does this make sense? Does it have a chance to send the appropriate message? Does it have a chance to succeed?