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Privilege counts in NC


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Aug 22, 2013
here nc
Iredell County Sheriff Darren Campbell denounced the store's treatment of his deputy in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Statesville, NC – A uniformed Iredell County sheriff’s deputy was turned away from a Kay Jewelers store on Wednesday because he was carrying his duty weapon, according to the sheriff.
The deputy went to the store on his lunch break after being notified that the engagement ring he purchased for his upcoming wedding proposal was ready to be picked up, Iredell County Sheriff Darren Campbell said in a Facebook post.

The manager stated our deputy would need to return to the store at a different time when he was not armed,” the sheriff’s post read. “The deputy left the store, without the ring he had purchased.”

Sheriff Campbell said he and his department are “deeply saddened” by what occurred.

“It’s not just an attack on this individual officer, it’s not just an attack on this agency. It’s an attack on law enforcement in general,” Sheriff Campbell said.
Unquote https://defensemaven.io/bluelivesma...lers-for-having-a-gun-t3clLRVrWECml8oTve-66w/

The sheriff personally posted on FB and whined...
The sheriff’s Facebook post quickly went viral, with more than 9,000 reactions and over 7,000 shares as of Thursday morning. Most of the post’s comments condemned the manager’s actions. Unquote

CBS 17 quote: A store manager accused of turning away an Iredell County deputy over his service weapon is "no longer with the company,” Kay Jewelers said Thursday, a day after being made aware of the incident. unquote

And if JQPublic OC’d...and whined on FB ~ tough doggie doooooo!