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Young Ladd from CT?


Regular Member
Jul 5, 2008
Swanzey,NH, ,
What ever happen to the young man from Ct. that was on his way to Maine when, the Stasi of Massachusetts stopped him on Rte 495. What was the results of that case?


Regular Member
Mar 30, 2009
Old Saybrook, CT
His name is Luke Huizanga. A number of the firearms charges were dropped, but he plead to a bunch of other stuff too.

This should be a lesson to all of us. Everything he had was legal at his point of origin (CT) and his destination (ME). All he needed to be safe was comply with the requirements of he safe passage portion of FOPA. He didn't. So he's busted. All the charges around high capacity feeding devices and illegal possession of ammunition were dropped, because the law is silent on that. The writers of FOPA never envisioned you needing a license to own ammunition or magazines, so they're not included in FOPA.

Since he was driving a pickup truck and firearms could be reached by him, they needed to be in a locked container. Then he'd have been legal and this whole thing would have been nothing more than an expensive lesson in the oppressiveness of MA firearms laws.

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