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Recent content by Adrich86

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    Campus carry bill has been amended to allow licensed OC?

    According to a member of another forum the campus carry bill was changed to allow licensed OC. I assume he's speaking about the part in bold. Is he reading this right? bill to be entitled An act relating to...
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    NY Jets RB Chris Johnson arrested on open carry charges in Orlando

    ets running back Chris Johnson was arrested after a Florida cop saw the handle of a gun between the running back’s feet during a traffic stop, police said Saturday. Johnson, 29, was pulled over around 8:55 p.m. Friday by Orlando police after the athlete failed to come to a halt at a stop sign...
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    Florida National Cemetery is a no go for CC.

    Went to Dade Battlefield Historic State Park to watch a reenactment with some family and was going to stop by the National Cemetery in Bushnell since its close to the park but weapons on the property is a no go. Big sign out front said "For your safety no weapons or firearms allowed on property."
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    Visiting from Fl and have questions about CC in national Forrest.

    I've read the NC statutes and on the US forests division Web site that you can cary in, Nat. Forests if you have a permit. But every spot I stopped at in Nantahala said firearms were prohibited. Are these just old signs?
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    Is this considered open carry.

    So if a licensed or non licensed person is carrying a handgun in plain sight in their vehicle it wouldn't be an OC violation as long as it's "Snapped in a holster" correct? Snapped in a holster meets the states definition of securly encased and the state makes no mention of whether it can be...
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    Question about transporting/storing a handgun in your vehicle.

    So there's a possibility that while I'm on vacation in Ky that I might go to Indiana to do some snow tubing. My question is, is there a certain way a gun must be stored in a vehicle if I decide not to carry it on me. I'm from Florida and have a valid fl cc permit. I read that for non licensed...
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    Question about Open carry on private property.

    So given the recent threats from ISIS about attacking in the US some men at my church brought up the idea of open carrying while on church property. There are already a few of us the conceal carry and the pastor has said from the pulpit in the past that if any men have concealed carry permits...
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    Open carry at the skyway fishing pier?

    I know its legal to OC while fishing but can someone point me to the statute about carrying in state parks. I might be fishing there this weekend (probably the south pier if I go). Its not that I intend to OC but want to have all my bases covered if it should accidentally come unconcealed and...
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    Has a decision been made in the Norman v. State case?

    I haven't heard anything about it recently.