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Recent content by Brian D.

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    N.J Police Will Enforce Ban

    Color of law, don't you want to dampen your golf shaft vibration? :D
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    SCOTUS Rules Police Cannot Search Homes Without Warrants in the Name of 'Community Caretaking'

    Yes hammer6, I did wonder about the legality of it. After asking our city law director, and getting very little explanation, didn't feel very confident. Guess I could have asked a smarter law director someplace. Also I knew it was common practice in many other cities around here.
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    SCOTUS Rules Police Cannot Search Homes Without Warrants in the Name of 'Community Caretaking'

    As color of law knows, my career was in the fire/EMS racket. Working with the police, we sometimes did "welfare checks" based on reports from neighbors or relatives that someone in a home hadn't been seen or heard from in days. Our role was to make forcible entry and of course render medical aid...
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    Chauvin Guilty on all three counts

    Satire from The Onion is pretty much anything goes. They seem to make fun of almost everything currently prominent in the news. I'm pretty sure Mark Twain would be a fan if he was around today.
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    Florida Republicans blocking pro-gun legislation

    One gun rights guy here in Ohio calls such Republicans at our statehouse as "squishees". I believe that refers to the makeup of their spinal columns.
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    CZ-82 from AIM SURPLUS

    Just as an aside, I was in AIM Surplus yesterday. They had a display case of rather vintage but good condition Colt Detective Special and similar revolvers. Also some odds and ends .32, .380, and 9mm semiauto pistols. Point being I don't believe any of that is on their website. For me it's worth...
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    Greater Richmond Annual Christmas OC Dinner - Tues, Dec 8th at 7:00 pm Different location this year!

    So how was the turnout? Must have been nearly a table full.
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    recall on SinterFire 9mm ammo

    I saw some of that ammunition on a gun show table Saturday. Mentioned the recall to the table holder and he shrugged his shoulders.
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    Firearms on Post Office Property

    Sorry for the snark, but I've read that law several times and Subsection (d)(3) always leaves me shaking my head and asking questions out loud, to myself. 'Who in the world goes hunting on postal property?' 'Just what exactly do they mean by "other lawful purposes"?' I suppose a judge could...
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    Firearms on Post Office Property

    Let's all tip our hats to good old Subsection (d)(3)! :D
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    This is why distance is your friend

    Sergeant Dennis Tueller was the creator of the "21 foot rule". In retrospect some years later he admitted that 7 yards was likely too close, and modified his position. Another police instructor coined the phrase "Tueller was an optimist" and Dennis didn't disagree.
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    Far-right extremists descend on Richmond for gun rights rally on MLK Day as Trump tweets about attacks on the Second Amendment...

    A huge, peaceful turnout today. Attendees even helped clean up the grounds before leaving, according to reports I saw.
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    Winston Salem Fairgrounds firearm policy

    Umbrellas actually made me laugh the hardest.
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    Saugus HS, Santa Clarita shooting

    Did anyone catch the follow up story which reported that the school resource officer was NOT at the school, but had to respond from elsewhere?
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    Can states eliminate the insanity defense, the common law requirement to mens rea? Orin Kerr Volokh Conspiracy

    Specifically, Remus pulled the trigger by the gazebo next to Mirror Lake in Eden Park, where we ran into each other that one time, color of law.