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Cars, Bikes, and firearms. No genius, I am NOT the slowfiveoh from youtube. Nice try though!
Jun 22, 1979 (Age: 44)
Richmond, VA
Information Technology


Beretta92FSLady;1477532 said:
Personal responsibility is a facade created by religious people in particular...

On "Personal Responsibility just after the previous, in the same exact thread.
Beretta92FSLady;1477656 said:
Religion uses is as a tool, they did not create it.

The wheels on the bus go round and round...round and round.

Beretta92FSLady;1477532 said:
You think that I am ill-equipped...hit me with your best shot Einstein, I am calling you out.


Beretta92FSLady;1590934 said:
Free will is only slightly a conscious exercise...