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Recent content by Va_Nemo

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    Visiting Va Beach

    Have been there many times before but looking for the out of the way, not widely knows places to visit. Prior visits were touristy, beach time, festival type visits. Looking for the hidden museum, dealers, just cool places to stop by and check out. Any carry friendly places (can cover deep if...
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    So Who Will Be In Richmond on the 15th?

    I will be there. More? Any? Who? I will be playing team leader. Great looking guy, silver hair fox, with stainless 5906. Hunt me up or take cover when you see me coming. Nemo
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    Load up the buses folks. With Northup and his ilk there now the bigger impression that can be made is better. Copied from email received today. I will be on the bus from Lynchburg, if the only one getting on the bus. This is important folks. Get up way early and get a bus ride, walking...
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    LOBBY DAY - Get a Free Bus Ride to Richmond

    On January 15th. With a fair number of similar thinking politically active folks. Join up with a group of people trying to convince and push a bunch of legislators to do the right thing with regard to guns and 2A. You can even carry, open or concealed and not have to go through the line and...
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    First time open carry

    Might want to what many call the Wally World Walk. It is frequently recommended for persons as their first place to carry after receiving a concealed carry permit. Nemo
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    Worst of the worst

    If you find it helpful I can ship you a jug at an excellent price. Nemo
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    Defending the Undefendable.

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    Everytown and Elections.

    Something to note. Nemo http://www.richmond.com/washingtonpost/uncategorized/everytown-a-gun-control-group-to-spend-million-in-virginia/article_89afb4a2-cc88-5f75-a5b6-dd1cd44edb4f.html
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    Read, Act, Spread the Word Part 1 of this was Va residents contacting the Va Rep who headed the committee handling this. Part 2 was contacting Va Reps, 3 was contacting Paul Ryan, now its a petition to Trump. 1, 2, and 3 are done. Get to work on 4. Nemo
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    2nd Va Convention, March 20, 1775

    15 minutes worth the watch. I went to Red Hill yesterday. Patrick Henry's retirement type home. 5th G grandson made presentation. If you have never been, make it a point to go there. Location and blood relation make a difference in passion in presenting and viewing. Watch and remember. Nemo...
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    FBI Guy McCabe, Guv McAuliffe, Hatch Act, Gonna Get Interesting

    Sure seems that way, reading the article linked below. Cliff Notes Guv M gave Dr McCabe (FBI guys wife) $700K for political campaign. She was running to replace State Sen. Black in Dist. 13. http://www.senatorblack.com/Home/Dist13.aspx for map. She lost. FBI Guy McCabe did political...
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    McAuliffes Massacre of Truth

    Like some say. In case you do not recognize him, that is our current governor McAuliffe. Nemo
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    Lynchburg-- 2 shot, no charges

    Appears 2 gents broke in or tried to forcibly enter a residence and were met with a distasteful objection to their entry and no charges will be filed. Click link and read the rest of the article. Nemo...
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    Ammo at walmart

    Well, life has changed in Va at walmart for ammo sales. I went there today to make a purchase. Dept manager got it off the shelf and started to ring it up and asked for ID. I got my wallet out and started for drivers license. But a quick thought on the swipe strip make me go for my Va CCW...
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    Czech Republic

    I see no category for those folks here so I shall put this here and let the powers that be move it where they consider it appropriate. Nemo http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/03/03/czechs-debate-gun-rights-amendment-to-ensure-eu-cant-tighten-rules.html