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  • I have dual residency in North Georgia and Florida. Retired Law Enforcement with a Florida DL and CCW permit. My Florida DL shows my Ga.address. I use Florida as my primary residence since I go back and forth with abit more time there as here. My Question is do I have to get a Ga.CCW license or would reciprocity courtesy apply here. I also recently was denied permission to purchase a handgun because I didn't have a Ga.DL despite my Ga.address. I then was forced to wait 5 business days to pickup my weapon. I'm confused because my web search does not show anything about a waiting period. I am not sure what my Florida concealed permit allows for me. Is it allowed to have a Georgia Concealed Weapons permit, along with my Florida CCW permit also? I feel humiliated on my treatment as a 28yr vet law enforcement officer, having risked my life for the general public daily and yet I can't even buy a gun despite having a CCW from Florida.
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