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John Pierce
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  • Dear John,

    The PAFOA thread which is currently marked as "deleted" is not bashing. Discussions actions and happenings of other groups should be fine, just as if someone talked about actions of members here.

    PAFOA has a higher noise to signal ratio, especially those of the racist and homophobic type.
    Please take a look at the Washington forum re "Woodcarver shot 4 times in the side" 2 posters, Citizen and Fuller Malarkey, are having a field day with personal attacks and LEO bashing of Mclean, who just happens to be a well respected LEO. From his 1st post, Fuller Malarkey has been a poor representation for OC.
    Thanks, Jim
    Please take a look at the Washington forum, re the "homeless woodcarver shot 4 times in the side". 2 p[osters, C itizen and Fuller Malarey are having a field day with personal attacks and LE bashing of Mclean who just happens to be a well respected LEO.

    The bashing continues...it got civil for about an hour, but this debate on pot vs guns is off topic (I am not sure it even was ever, on topic), and seemingly pointless. I'll let you judge for yourself, but am suggesting that you need to step in a consider locking out the thread. You'll have the support of all but one, I suspect.

    Thank you for your effort and support...and your last attempt to moderate


    Forum: Forum Rules

    This thread won't load. I suspect that nobody can read the rules right now. Might want to check on it. I may not understand how this new forum software works, but it looks like the thread can't be read just by clicking onto it from the main index. MamaLiberty
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