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Recent content by KYGlockster II

  1. K

    Drag Queen Storytime at Public Library Helps Pave the Way to Pro-Gun Storytime!

    Perhaps you should read the comment he was referencing before commenting yourself.
  2. K

    Ashland Bus System

    This is from the brochure of the Ashland Bus System. As you can see, it plainly forbids any and all weapons, whether carried openly or concealed. I've studied the city ordinances and do not remember seeing an ordinance that would enforce this policy. I'm fairly certain they've placed this in...
  3. K

    Bill to amend KRS 527.070 and the ability to keep a gun in a car on school property

    I can't believe this has been signed into law. It is such an absurd and useless amendment to a statute. When I was in high school we all had shotguns in our cars. Most of us kept them in gun racks in the rear of our trucks and no one ever said a word. If you're 18 you're 18 and this law only...
  4. K

    Constitutional Carry Bill Filed in Ky. Senate

    Bill passed clean without amendments from what I've read -- thankfully! This has been a long time coming and Gutshot was instrumental in it finally passing. I know he has worked tirelessly to get permitless carry here in KY for many years and his hard work has finally paid off. Many others...
  5. K

    Old User Returning

    It's been five-years since I've posted in the forum. It seems people have lost interest in open-carry and making sure cities and counties are obeying KRS 65.870. Well, everyone except gutshot. I was hoping the new members would introduce themselves and the old ones would say "Hey!" I...