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  • Im having troubles retreaving that private message on my phone so i have no idea what your reply was
    hey i love reading your posts! next time you guys have a meet up shot me a txt or give me a call 202.557.1677 id love to be apart of something like this and i do photography professionally so it would be amazing to get a nice group photo done for the OC'ers!
    Need Input.

    Today I met with the CSPD. Bear in mind I possess TS clearance, languished, but valid. I declined the polygraph on the grounds that it is, at best 66% accurate, but with a huge false positive rate which the accompanying waiver said "you relinquish all your rights, blah, blah blah, blah blah."

    Yes, it did. I refused. Who would not?

    I tried logging onto my yahoo e-mails (all of them) only to find ALL OF THEM LOCKED OUT.

    Dude. What the **** is going on? To say that I'm raising the **** flag is an understatement. Something is definitely NOT right.


    Keep in touch. I can't access my e-mails, but you know where I live, so that's good enough for now.

    - Steve
    Hey, Friend! I thoroughly enjoyed your stories yesterday!

    I'm very difficult to prank, but you sure got me with the bouncing Chech joke... :)
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