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Recent content by solus

  1. solus

    well so it begins...

    several years ago 2016 or 17, the illustrious colorado gun owners forum [ cogunowners.com ] start-up and other forum members got into a snit over the renewal cost of the Domain/ISP/bandwidth and other internal moderation squabbles ~ mostly uneven & good olde boy stuff heavy handed moderation...
  2. solus

    query...do all democratic presidential candidates...

    thanks...good to know taxpayer's monies isn't being wasted...
  3. solus

    someone, somewhere finally pulled their heads out!

    you know here i thought six foot fencing w/Dannert wire on top, w/sensitive metal detection at every entrance, coupled with lockers for everyone's ~ teachers, admin, student's keys, pens, knives, cleats, etc., should suffice nicely! sorry sarcasm off!
  4. solus

    query...do all democratic presidential candidates...

    get secret service protection?
  5. solus

    someone, somewhere finally pulled their heads out!

    they want to stop...not continue...these drills...
  6. solus

    "Civil War"?

    er sorry cj...write in for the democrats 😝
  7. solus

    VA-ALERT: VCDL is organizing NOW to fight back - we need YOU to do your part!

    do you know...when someone might check your OCDO posts NEMO there is nothing even articulating your bragging about your contribution to the VCDL Lobby day debacle...
  8. solus

    "Civil War"?

    ok, lets start a write in campaign for Rod Blagojevich...:eek::rolleyes:
  9. solus

    Today, Virginia; tomorrow, THE WORLD!

    according to petey...so is the other olde socialist...
  10. solus

    someone, somewhere finally pulled their heads out!

    Alas FI, as noted by numerous knowledgeable and common folk across this nation the concept of identifying and putting up signage of gun free zones hasn't stopped anyone from shooting these places up so the concept just doesn't seem to work now does it? Homeland's advice of RUN, HIDE, FIGHT...
  11. solus

    go utah's senate...decriminalized polygamy...

    BBC quote, Utah's state Senate has voted unanimously to decriminalise polygamy among consenting adults. Under current laws, anyone found to have multiple spouses could face up to five years in prison. Proponents of the bill argue it would remove the secrecy surrounding communities which...
  12. solus

    "Brandishing" as justification for LEO's use of deadly force

    oh kinda like playing monopoly at someone else's house eh...house rules on the "free parking" having money put in automatically or only "fee monies" is put in or no money is! and legal beagles go to school how long to grasp this concept?
  13. solus

    WSJ - Dr. to Patient: Do You Have a Gun?

    but of course Milord, as you wish, but sure the event isn't a sleepy beauty kinda tale?
  14. solus

    WSJ - Dr. to Patient: Do You Have a Gun?

    response to a year olde posting?
  15. solus

    Federal court strikes down federal interstate gun

    user the post is 5 years olde? uh think the video attached to each of your post is good use of the bandwith?