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Recent content by solus

  1. solus

    Man arrested for open carry in VA public park

    The lengths an office seeking politician must go to get themselves voters' attention...kinda like candidate(s) coming down with THE VIRUS! and presented from such a reputable and unbiased news source... After watching the video...how does one's firearm get seen as OC'g while wearing a suit...
  2. solus

    Attorney General Opinion 20-046

    Sigh...From the Honorably VA AG's website...quote IMPORTANT NOTE: Official opinions represent the attorney general’s analysis of current law based on his thorough research of existing statutes, the Virginia and United States constitutions, and relevant court decisions. They are not "rulings"...
  3. solus

    Michigan Announces Ban On Open Carry Weapons At Polling Locations

    oh, you mean like the mandates regarding "mandatory" wearing of face masks ? tis part of the "new normal" ~ overall abrogation of our rights by this country's federal/state/community elected overseers accomplished strictly by EO(s). [so the member from FL is worried about the kind citizens of...
  4. solus

    Firearms on Post Office Property

    CoL, tks for the in-depth overview on the subject on federal property, but a sidebar query...would the same perspective be applicable to educational property[ies] per se? for example, NC UNC's & Duke, etc hospitals/clinics AND parking lots are deemed "no firearm" as the UNC facilities are...
  5. solus

    The Electoral College - why it is necessary

    Uh dougie...your both around the same age...
  6. solus

    NC OC experience reports

    Toddled into Lowes and watched an individual more mature than myself OC’g and has become my experience, two gentlemen walked up and while chatting out of the blue, insisted on displaying their concealed sidearm... life is good at sam’s club while open carrying during numerous shopping trips of...
  7. solus

    The Right to Armed Self-Defense in the Light of Law Enforcement Abdication, David Bernstein from the Volokh Conspiracy

    Bernstein’s comment in dougie’s initial cite is adequate... ‘So I decided to write an article about it, which is forthcoming...’ Coupled with the dougie’s copied abstract and the consistent future tense use of the word “WILL” focus/discuss/ad nauseam” as well as the last cite stating, “ Liberty...
  8. solus

    Hot Topics LOL, Older Firearm Owners and Advance Planning: Results of a National Survey

    dougie, not sure of your purpose of putting worthless & nonsensical & unsubstantiated “studies” out on these pages as if they had some contributing information for forum membership? This one is extremely misleading in it’s data collection and even states, quote: Our survey included only...
  9. solus

    Traveling with firearms

    Your kind attention is directed to the alternate thread this poster created on the same subject, here... https://forum.opencarry.org/index.php?threads/travel-with-weapons.138122/#post-2248154
  10. solus

    Seems our smartfones aren’t quite protected (chg’d to appease those that can speel ot type)

    gotta be tough w/them their sears/j.c.penny catalogues isn’t it... [horrors 😱😱😱...don’t tell us you use your left hand to wipe and rinse your hend in the other 5 gallon bucket of non- portable h20?]
  11. solus

    NC OC experience reports

    Stopped a Sam’s for gas, gentleman behind me OC’g, went inside and no less then a manager, to four customers commented and gave thumbs up to my faithful sidearm, loading purchases in vehicle, bloke walk by saying he sould starting to OC again... now i must practice my screaming as the debate...
  12. solus

    OR man slides Glock inside his waistband - yepper he did!

    Might have been but the bloke allegedly pulled the trigger himself...
  13. solus

    OR man slides Glock inside his waistband - yepper he did!

    An Oregon man is on the mend after police say he accidentally shot himself in the groin while flaunting a concealed handgun at a Lincoln City supermarket. The mishap occurred Sunday night when Nicholas J. Ellingford, 29, brandished his Glock 9mm in the checkout line at McKay’s Market on U.S...
  14. solus

    Ginburg has passed

    condolences... now the aftermath of election should be quite quite interesting as the congress refused to let obama appoint a replacement during his final weeks...