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  • Sultan62 - I did not OC in NC because from what I have read, OC is "frowned upon" in NC (contrasting jurisdictions have varying local ordinances which spoke to "creating panic..." and other subjective interpretations of OC'g).

    Was I incorrect in that viewpoint?
    Another first post hit and run. I don't even get the point of his post.

    any body here ever heard on intercom in wallmarts

    "security scan, section 1 " or some other number as you walk in the door oc'ing
    my oldest duaghter works at the one in ashboro nc, and she says that section 1 and 2 are for the front 2 doors.

    just wondering if they actualy do watch the doors like that from some room.
    Man, what's up with the new people all of a sudden? Is word getting out and more people are joing in on the forum or are these antis trying to cause confusion, misdirection, and miscommunications? This latest guy about "am I free to go" advice, with only two posts in his/her history.??
    Did you put the negative post up of JRs in Smithfield on friendorfoe?

    Never been there. I go to two places out in Goldsboro or up in Garner. I have been so moany places that don't even show up on the Friend or Foa map. It's somewhat frustrating.
    Sorry about not getting the last notification on your profile. I am still learning this forum stuff. So I guess I missed out on today. Other than weekends, I'd only be able to meet up after 6 PM on weekdays. I OC'd a bunch this weekend. No issues yet in Clayton and surrounding areas.

    What's your major?
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