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1000th Post - Recollections and Reflections


Regular Member
Jul 2, 2006
SW Idaho
On the occasion of my 1000th post on OCDO, I am reflecting upon the time I have spent on this incredibly valuable website. When I bought my first handgun in Washington on the day I turned 21 in 2005 (obviously I didn't know back then that I could have acquired one from a private seller before), I had no idea about open carry until I discovered in the process of applying for my first CPL. Even still, I was unsure of all of the laws and my confidence was not very high. After discovering this forum, however, and especially the Washington subforum, my knowledge increased exponentially.

After returning to Louisiana, having been displaced by Hurricane Katrina, I continued to open carry, although not frequently, as the NOPD did not recognize the right. However, the Louisiana group was great, helping me understand the rather more complex laws and the ins and outs of carrying in the state's different regions. I owe them a debt of gratitude.

Since moving to Idaho, I have let all of my permits expire, because I no longer feel the need to get on my knees and kiss the ring of government to exercise a fundamental right. This site has taught me how to read statutes, and I have become somewhat of an expert on the Idaho Code dealing with firearms (it is thankfully relatively simple). I now carry with supreme confidence in the legality and moral rightness of my actions. I have also had occasion to meet some great people through the Idaho subforum, including Tony (IdahoOpenCarry) Snesko.

I'd like to give some shout-outs to posters I have found especially helpful, including Citizen for his indefatigable defense of liberty and insistence on cites to law, suddenvalleygunner, for being someone who does not hesitate to put himself out there in defense of freedom, NavyLCDR, for his knowledge of laws (federal and Washignton) and his reliable cites, liberals like Beretta92fslady and Tawnos, for sharpening my debating skills with the left, and to all the other posters I have had occasion to come across during my time at OCDO.

I reserve the right to expand this section as more valuable posters come to mind!