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ATL Airport, Open Carry, Non-issue


Activist Member
Apr 7, 2011
Anderson, SC
I had to drop a friend off at the Atlanta Airport today. He's in the Navy and was visiting on leave. The drive from Simpsonville, SC to the Atlanta Airport sucks when you know you've had no sleep the night before and you're going to work a 12 hour shift later on the same day.

Anyway, we made it to the hourly parking garage around 2:00 PM today...

As we were walking into the doors for the North Terminal, we walk by a LEO outside.
He looks at my openly carried CZ "clone" and says:
"Oh, nice!"
I didn't respond besides glancing at him as we walked inside.

My buddy gets to an electronic kiosk once we're inside and gets his boarding pass. We then walk around the food court area deciding what to eat, but nothing is looking that great. As we're doing so, we pass a few more LEOs and none of them even glance at me.

We eventually end up in the USO office on the third floor because they put out food for the military, their families, and what not.

As we're signing in, one of the ladies at the USO counter says to my friend (paraphrased, as I can't find my recorder):
"Do you know your friend has a gun?"
Friend: "Uh, yea."

Lady (to me): "Are you with law enforcement?"
Me: "No mam."
Lady: "I don't think you can be in the airport with that gun."
Me: "I can carry in the airport according to the interpretation of state law by the city's attorneys and it's mayor."
Lady: "Oh, OK. Don't you have to have a permit to carry in public?"
Me: "Yes mam, and I do."
Lady: "OK, have fun."

We ate, talked a bit, and watched some of the other military employees play video games. None of the military guys seemed to have a problem with my carrying around them.

After that, I parted ways with my friend and headed out the door. I passed a few more LEOs, but none of them seemed to care or notice me.
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Apr 9, 2008
atlanta ga
if im not mistakin you are from sc and your weapons license isnt good here nor is ours good in sc
tecknically you couldnt carry into the airport


Regular Member
Oct 1, 2011
Technically, you'd be right, but he also has an AZ CWP, which has reciprocity with GA.
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