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Baltimore Messenger publishes OpenCarry.org letter


Site Co-Founder
May 13, 2006
Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
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State law limiting gun sales hasn't impacted crime rates

Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld gets it backwards when he
blames crime in Baltimore partly on Maryland's state law making it
legal to purchase one handgun per month ("Stricter gun laws needed,
top cop tells Charles Village," Baltimore Messenger, Dec. 5).

First of all, the one-handgun-a-month law does not make it legal to
buy handguns -- it makes it illegal to buy more than one per month.
Secondly, Maryland's high crime rate indicates that the state's gun
rationing does not reduce crime.

Maryland is one of only three states rationing handgun purchases, one
of only four states banning private transfers of handguns, and one of
only nine states limiting issuance of gun carry permits at the
discretion of the police. If gun control worked, Maryland's crime rate
would already show it.

Mike Stollenwerk, co-founder of the gun rights group OpenCarry.org

Alexandria, Va