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Boise Zoo


Regular Member
Jul 6, 2008
Mountain Home, Idaho, USA
I took my daughter (she has special needs) to the Boise Zoo Saturday evening for a special event for Autism. They also had a Zumba event that my wife was involved with so after my daughter and me walked around the zoo we went and watched the Zumba event. One lady (must have been a California transplant) said to another lady that we know; "that guy has a G.U.N." She couldn't even say the word gun. The lady we know laughed and told her he always is armed and I turned around and told her yes I take my family and my safety very seriously. I then asked her what gun does she carry, this is Idaho after all? She seemed to relax after that. Some people just don't get it, I have been unarmed in a gun free zone getting shot at by one gunman here in the USA and being a fish in a barrel isn't fun. (1994 Fairchild AFB shooting)