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Cedar City, New City Ordinance, Still violating Utah Firearm Laws,


Regular Member
Jun 9, 2008
Dixie, Utah, USA
I tell ya' they (city's lawyers) just don't get it...
The revised ordinance still forbids the open possession of firearms in city parks but reflects the allowances given by state law to allow concealed carry permit holders the right to carry in a public park. Likewise, concealed carry permit holders are allowed to carry in designated “gun-free” zones.

City leaders unanimously pass firearm ordinance, smoke shop moratorium
CEDAR CITY — Cedar City residents won’t have to worry about using a gun to defend themselves anymore following a unanimous vote by the City Council Wednesday to amend various sections in the city’s firearm ordinance that brings it into compliance with state law.
The vote follows in-depth discussions during previous City Council meetings.
Councilman Paul Cozzens first brought issues with the firearm ordinance to the attention of City Attorney Paul Bittmenn after a study was released by the Libertas Institute in November showing the ordinance was out of compliance with state law
.....click URL for more silliness...

Anyone in Cedar City want to lead this up?


Jun 20, 2008
Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA
For us out-of-staters, how about telling us what Utah's law are in public parks?
100% absolutely fully legal and lawful to carry openly or concealed ( with permit) in all parks.
Cities don't have the power by state law to regulate carry of firearms-- only the discharge therof.

OC for ME

Regular Member
Jan 6, 2010
White Oak Plantation
When will the locals be OCing in their nearest city park? What a politician enters into the official record is not nearly as important as what a cop would do regarding the recently revised official record.