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Gordon Hutchinson Article Mentions OC


Campaign Veteran
Jun 5, 2008
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Full article: http://www.louisianasportsman.com/details.php?id=2336

Pertinent quote:
First off, let’s get a few things straight right up front:
Louisiana is an open-carry state. This means you do not need a permit to openly carry a firearm. This means as long as the gun is easily identifiable as such, it may be carried in plain view.
Carrying a gun in plain view will not get you arrested for disturbing the peace — well, it might. But you’ll win in court if the police are foolish enough to place such a charge on you. Again, it comes down to common sense.
If you go carrying in public, be prepared to answer questions politely. There are places where this is perfectly acceptable, and there are places where it is likely to cause unrest in the citizenry. Use your brain and restraint in testing the limits of law enforcement.

Gordon Hutchinson is a fairly well-known writer on guns, CC, and hunting. He is a certified CHP instructor and gives classes at Bass-Pro in Denham Springs. He wrote a terriffic book called "The Great New Orleans Gun Grab" about police misconduct in siezing lawful firearms from ordinary citizens and about citizens who banded together as armed defenders of their area in the chaos following Katrina.

He's also a nice guy to meet with in person, as I did a few years ago, when he wanted to find out a little more about OC from someone who practiced it.

While it cannot be construed as an outright endorsement of OC, the significance of this article to us OCers is that his stuff is widely read by LEO throughout the state. The quote mentioned above will go a long way to diminishing that rate of our encounters with hostile LEO, IMHO, because his opinion is respected by the LEO community at large. (He's retired from EBRSO.)