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Got This E-mail From WCI ... Kinda Important... Good to Know Info


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Mar 1, 2011
Silver Lake WI
Just thought I would pass this on.... I checked and did not see it here yet (?)...

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. uses "listbox" to send emails to our opt-in email list from our website and also our memberlist.

The emails contain coding at the bottom of the email that allows you to "unsubscribe" from the email lists. In which case you will no longer receive our emails.

If you *forward* the email, it is possible for the person who you forward the email to to "unsubscribe" you from the email list.

If you would like to pass along the information in an email from WCI and not worry about someone down the line "unsubscribing" you from our emails, you should CUT AND PASTE the body of the email into a new email.

Cutting and pasting does not copy the coding on the email and will prevent someone in the future chain of forwarded messages from unsubscribing you without your knowledge.

Carry On,

Nik Clark
Chairman/President - Wisconsin Carry, inc.

Just in case some here did not know... (I didn't)...


ETA.... Oh yea... I have been wondering for a long time and did not want to seem ignorant, but what does the name of this forum "OCDO" stand for..??? I prettty much got the "OC" part but the "DO" not so much....
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Jan 8, 2010
in front of my computer, WI
This info only affects people on the WCI email list,
who all got a copy emailed to them.
I'm sort of puzzled why it's needed here? :confused:

As for the acronym, it's one of those things that's so obvious once someone points it out you wonder how you could have missed it. BTDT.