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Gun bills going to daytons desk soon, he vows to veto


New member
Mar 15, 2010
Buffalo Lake, Minnesota, USA
I hope that every one has taken the 2 mins it takes to read a send your email to Gov. Dayton by this link gocra.mn/DaytonSuppressor there are many gun bills that will be going across his desk in the nexted few weeks that he is vowing to veto, all the other law makers give it support as should any gun owner out there. as I said click the link and the hard part is done for you...

Governor Dayton has vowed to veto any bill containing the legalization of suppressors.


----> gocra.mn/DaytonSuppressor <----

copy and paste link to send him an email. It's really quick, and it really can make a difference:

----> gocra.mn/DaytonSuppressor <----


Last week, the Minnesota Senate voted 40-23 in favor of our five pro-2A bills, with "yes" votes from all Republicans present, and 13 of 36 Democrats.

The most visible bill, HF1434, would allow Minnesota to join 39 other states that allow its citizens to legally own firearm sound suppressors — after a ridiculously thorough triple background check.

That bill passed the Minnesota House the week before, with a vote of 89-40, including "yes" votes from 20 House DFL members.

In spite of this broad bipartisan support, Governor Dayton told news media today that he intends to veto the bill! He cited the same discredited objections that the House overcame -- that quieter firearms endangered cops and citizens.

Governor Dayton is wrong: crime with legal, registered silencers is almost nonexistent, as a recent article in the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association's magazine pointed out (see the article at gocra.mn/mps).

Send Governor Dayton an email NOW:

----> gocra.mn/DaytonSuppressor <----

Then, give him a call!

Call the governor's office and deliver the same message:

* Suppressors aren't used in crime
* Suppressors aren't "silent"
* Suppressors save our hearing
* Governor Dayton should sign SF878/HF849 when it reaches his desk

Call the governor's office:
Telephone: 651-201-3400
Toll Free: 800-657-3717
Minnesota Relay: 800-627-3529
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Regular Member
Feb 5, 2007
Marion County, FL
Wow, that's ignorant. Buying a suppressor should be like buying a stock or a new sight. If anything, a suppressor would make a gun less suitable for criminal use, seeing as how it makes guns difficult to conceal.

It's unfortunate this will be vetoed as MN's reciprocity sucks.
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Regular Member
Jun 11, 2009
Shalimar, Florida
Was the veto over ridden?

For us slow folks, can you explain whether the bill was vetoed as the Govenor stated, the veto was overturned by the legeslator, or what?

B. Reddy

Regular Member
Jul 9, 2011
Orange County, Virginia
Governor's Pillow Wet with Tears Tonight

So the drift I'm getting is that Gov. Dayton hasn't suddenly gone soft on his anti-2nd Am. stance, but rather he did not feel like cutting off his nose to spite his face.

To kill the suppressor bill, he would have had to sacrifice the ENTIRE public safety budget, which would have been pretty painful, I'm guessing.

Kinda like how we got carry options in most national parks in 2009 when Obama signed a very big banking bill that just happened to have a nice little pro-2nd Am. bill stapled to the back!

Congrats to all the good people of Minnesota who contacted their elected reps and got the support needed to get this bill to the governor's desk.

My condolences on that two billion dollar tax surplus you are NOT getting back.


Regular Member
Dec 12, 2010
Kinda like how we got carry options in most national parks in 2009 when Obama signed a very big banking bill that just happened to have a nice little pro-2nd Am. bill stapled to the back.

Not quite the same, our Constitution at least requires that all bills be germane, even omnibus bills. :)

The DFL senate desperately wanted to separate the policy and finance, but the GOP house held firm keeping them together.